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T-Mobile will no longer support its Windows app by end of August

A T-Mobile store.
T-Mobile confirmed it will be ending support for its Windows mobile app only a year after revamping it, Neowin reports. The news was brought to users through the carrier’s Windows app itself, explaining it will no longer be supported starting August 25.

For users still on the app, they will receive a message that reads, “Thanks for being an awesome T-Mobile customer! We’re always finding new ways to provide you with the best experience possible. Unfortunately, our Windows app will no longer be supported beginning 8/25/2017. Moving forward, you’ll be able to manage your account at”

The latest phone to be launched with Windows 10 was the Alcatel Idol 4S in November, with support for Continuum, Cortana, and the finger sensor for Windows Hello. Alcatel’s virtual reality headset that came bundled with the device also worked with the Windows variant.

Ending support for the Windows app comes shortly after the T-Mobile stopped selling the Alcatel Idol 4S — marking the end of the Uncarrier offering any Windows phones at all. For those interested in the phone, Alcatel’s official website redirects you to unlocked versions of the device available through Amazon.

Only a few weeks ago, Microsoft also ended support for Windows Phone 8.1 and announced that it will not receive any future updates. With the end of the 8.1 operating system, Windows 10 is the remaining active platform for the few devices able to run it. According to AdDuplex, about 76.3 percent of phones running Windows are still on 8.1. with only 17 percent on Windows 10.

Analysts add it is likely that users are abandoning these devices for Android and iOS. Even though T-Mobile redesigned the Windows version of its app to be up to speed on both the iPhone and Android — including a new user interface and additional features — it clearly still was not enough.

Windows 10 is also most likely on its way by fall 2018. While Microsoft combined the Windows Phone brand with Windows 10 in 2016, the Creators Update did not include any extreme feature additions for the devices. The operating system also lacks apps available on both the Google Play Store or Apple’s App store, and the only updates seem to be bug fixes or security patches.

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