Weekly Rewind: Tinder gets political, edible spoons, and more

Political Tinder

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. Everything from the best of Microsoft Build 2016 to the best April Fools jokes, it’s all here.

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Laugh it up! The 30 best April Fools’ Day tech jokes of 2016


This year’s techy April Fools Day jokes were particularly good. April Fools is a day of jocular japes, full of laugh-out-loud moments, gut-busting guffaws, cheeky chuckles, and hernia-causing hilarity. The trauma we feel when it’s all over makes us wish life was this amusing every single day, and not just once a year. Sit down, make sure your surgical corset is tightly secured in case of any unexpected side-splittage, put that coffee aside (because you don’t want to spit it all over your keyboard, right?) and enjoy our pick of 2016’s April Fools’ day pranks, jokes, and wicked wheezes.

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From Windows to AI, here’s everything Microsoft Announced at Build 2016


From Windows 10 updates to plans for artificial intelligence, Microsoft’s Build 2016 Keynote had a little bit of everything. There were demonstrations of new features coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One; details of new tools coming for developers; and more than a few grand declaration of our AI-enhanced future. If you happened to miss the live stream of the conference, we have you covered. Read about everything that happened by clicking the link below.

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Who’s your presidential sweetheart? Tinder gets political with ‘Swipe the Vote’


If you’re still undecided on which candidate you want to run the United States, the popular dating app Tinder is offering a new feature that lets you swipe left or right on certain issues, such as if you want to “keep same-sex marriage legal” or “abolish the death penalty.” Each one of these cards offers more contextual information when you click on them.

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The $35,000, 215-mile Model 3 is the final step in Tesla’s ‘Secret Master Plan’

Tesla unveiled the Model 3 — the EV for the everyman on March 31. The most accessible vehicle in Tesla’s catalog, the $35,000 sedan aims to bring affordable electric commuting to the masses with a base range of 215 miles and a targeted safety rating of five stars in every category. Let’s run down the basics, most of which we already knew. The Model 3 looks like a squished Model S with a flat front fascia and a snub trunk. It’s projected to go on sale at the end of 2017 for a pre-incentive base price of $35,000. After a federal tax credit of $7,500 is applied, the price drops to $27,500. Other local incentives could lower the price further.

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Watch out, Netflix: Fullscreen’s $5/month video service is coming in April

Subscription video on demand services are becoming a dime a dozen, but Fullscreen is looking to stand out among the many when it launches next month. The media company announced today that its new video streaming service will launch on April 26. Fullscreen’s ad-free VOD service will start at a lower price point than competitors such as Netflix, YouTube Red, Hulu, and HBO Now — the monthly fee will be $5 per month, reports Variety.

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