Your Phone May Be Doomed!

Jamdat Mobile, Fountainhead Entertainment, and id Software today announced the launch of Doom RPG, a new turn-based, first-person shoot’em up game for mobile phones based in the universe of the multi-million selling Doom games. The Doom RPG game is available now on compatible phones on North American wireless providers.

Doom RPG expands on the original Doom story be sending payers to a secret Martian research complex to discover the source of a massive demonic invasion. Doom RPG retains the look, feel, and basic premise of the original Doom game but brings it to mobile platforms by using a turn-based, tactical (and one-handed!) approach to combat rather than a reflexes-oriented shooting system.

The game also features puzzles and other mobile-friendly elements, but, lets face it: if you’re playing Doom you want to see blood splatter out of oddball creatures. Doom RPG delivers with a nice range of zombies, hellhounds, imps, pain elementals, and (of course), Pinky demons, all of which may receive due attention from the player and a nine-weapon arsenal including the BFG, Super Shotgun, and weapons new to the Doom universe.

Wondering if your phone is Doom-compatible? Doom RPG works on the mobile Java implementation J2ME with the MIDP 2.0 environment, and also supports phones running BREW 2.0 or later. Pricing and availability varies between providers, and players may purchase boosters to improve their stats and customize their characters.

So that strange guy stumbling down the street, oblivious to the weather, muttering “Die, die, die!” at his phone? Now you know what he’s doing!