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Is there going to be a John Wick: Chapter 5? Here’s what we want to see happen

Now that John Wick: Chapter 4 has premiered in theaters, audiences have been left wondering what’s next for the iconic action movie franchise. This fourth film has established the perfect conclusion for John Wick’s story, but a fifth John Wick movie received the green light all the way back in 2020.

Will it happen? Who knows, but with all the new characters, superb action scenes, and complex world-building in Chapter 4, it would be a crime not to make more movies in the Wick universe. Should John Wick: Chapter 5 come to fruition, here are the five things I want to see happen in the movie.

Note: This article contains spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4.

The return of Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody in "John Wick: Chapter 4."
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Among the many new characters in Chapter 4, one of the few who stand out is the mysterious assassin known only as Mr. Nobody. This tracker is hired by the Marquis de Gramont to hunt down and kill Wick, but he does what he can to raise the bounty as high as possible beforehand. Though Mr. Nobody starts as an antagonist in this film, he does display a soft spot for his trusty attack dog, making him more like a reflection of Wick than a true enemy.

After John decides to save the dog from getting shot, Mr. Nobody pays him back by saving his life from one of the Marquis’ assassins. In the end, Mr. Nobody is one of the more righteous characters in the John Wick universe, and it would be nice to see him reappear in the future as a supporting protagonist similar to Winston and the Bowery King.

Caine vs. Akira

A man stands and points a gun in John Wick: Chapter 4.
Photo Credit: Murray Close / Lionsgate

Though Chapter 4 seems to have lowered the curtain on John Wick’s story, the movie still features a post-credits scene in which newcomer Akira approaches the unsuspecting Caine with a hidden knife. It is clear that Akira is out for revenge since Caine murdered her father, Koji, when he infiltrated his hotel, the Osaka Continental, earlier in the film.

It won’t be a surprise if the studio gives Caine and Akira their own film in the future, as the franchise has already been developing spinoffs such as Ana de Armas’ Ballerina and Peacock’s The Continental. While it would be exciting to see Akira fight for vengeance against Caine, it would also be interesting if the two of them forged a reluctant alliance to take down a common enemy.

Taking down the High Table

The Marquis and Caine sitting at a table in "John Wick: Chapter 4."

In the fourth film, it is said that John’s victory in his duel with Gramont would rock the High Table to its very foundation. Since the story ends with John gaining his freedom from the High Table after killing the Marquis, who knows what will happen next? The fact that he was able to beat this council at their own game could cause the criminal underworld to break out into an all-out war.

The High Table has made plenty of enemies in its relentless pursuit of John, exterminating those who help or even speak to him as it tries to uphold its laws. At the same time, this shadowy council seems to be slowly destroying itself through all these executions, as it has undoubtedly lost the support of those it has battled. And now that John Wick has been freed and killed by the council, he may become a martyr for those frustrated with this council, setting the stage for a widespread rebellion.

The return of John Wick?

John Wick sits at an altar in John Wick 4.
Lionsgate / Lionsgate

Though it seems like John Wick died from his wounds at the end of Chapter 4, his body is never seen being put into the ground. Despite Winston and the Bowery King’s final conversation at John’s grave questioning if he’s in Heaven or Hell, it is possible that John faked his own death and decided to go off the grid, allowing him to live a life hidden from the High Table’s gaze.

This may seem very far-fetched, but with these Hollywood blockbusters, audiences never know what the filmmakers will do to keep the story going. And while director Chad Stahelski claims he and Keanu Reeves are done making new John Wick films for the time being, they’ll both consider returning if they like the studio’s sequel plans.

A look at the ‘impossible task’

John Wick
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the first John Wick film, Russian mob boss Viggo Tarasov revealed that he made John complete an “impossible task” so he may retire and live peacefully with his wife, Helen. This task involved John taking out all of Tarasov’s enemies in a single night. John had also received assistance completing this mission from Santino D’Antonio, the second film’s villain.

All in all, John’s “impossible task” is the equivalent of Han Solo making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and it would be interesting to see John as he carries out this mission, whether it be through a brief flashback or across an entire film. While some may argue it’s better to maintain the mystery of the “impossible task,” one cannot help but wonder what it was like for John and everyone he encounters on that fateful night.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently playing in theaters.

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