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Special look at Andor teases the beginnings of a rebellion

Rogue One introduced the world to Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), a Rebel captain and intelligence officer who played an integral role in the fight against the Empire. But how did Cassian become one of the faces of the rebellion? That’s the premise for the newest Star Wars adventure on Disney+, Andor.

Footage from a new special look at Andor begins with the critical events of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. These include Princess Leia hiding the Death Star plans in R2-D2, and Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star in his X-wing starfighter. As the trailer states, “Before hope was found and before the Empire fell, rebels were born.”

Special Look | Andor | Disney+

The footage then depicts the key points in Rogue One where Cassian became a hero. From recruiting Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) to the raid on Scarif, it all culminates with the transmission of the Death Star schematics to the Rebel fleet moments before the planet explodes, killing Andor in the process.

The new series, which begins five years before the events of Rogue One, shows Andor was nothing more than a lowly thief before becoming a hero. Cassian’s home was destroyed by the Empire, which makes him the perfect recruit for the emerging Rebellion. Because of Cassian’s defiant personality and expert thievery, he eventually becomes one of the Rebellion’s best spies.

Created by Tony Gilroy, Andor‘s first season will consist of 12 episodes. Starring alongside Luna are Adria Arjona, Kyle Soller, James McArdle, Joplin Sibtain, Fiona Shaw, Stellan Skarsgård, and Genevieve O’Reilly. A 12-episode second season is in development.

Andor premieres on Disney+ on September 21 with three episodes.

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