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Diego Luna’s Cassian rebels in new Andor preview scene

Disney+’s next trip to the Star Wars universe will begin next month when Andor finally makes its debut. Diego Luna is reprising his role as the doomed Rebel operative Cassian Andor in this Rogue One prequel. While fans know how Cassian met his end, this series will shed some light on who he was beforehand, as well as how he became one of the Rebellion’s go-to spies. In a new preview scene from the Andor series premiere, Stellan Skarsgård’s Luthen Rael presses Cassian for details about how he infiltrated an Imperial stronghold.

Andor | Official Clip | Disney+

One of the key takeaways here is that Cassian isn’t a Rebel at heart and it takes a significant bribe for Luthen to get the truth out of him. It’s also clear that Cassian’s actions against the Empire come from a place of anger rather than fealty to any cause. He despises the Imperial forces so much that he willingly endangered himself, only to realize that the Empire is so complacent that it had no safeguards to keep someone like him out.

Diego Luna in Andor.
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Luthen is one of the main characters on the show, and the previous trailers have revealed that he has significant influence within the Empire. But his Imperial contacts don’t realize that Luthen is putting together a loose alliance of Rebels. Unlike Cassian, Luthen is truly devoted to bringing the Empire down. And his quest may affect Cassian’s worldview as the series goes forward.

Genevieve O’Reilly also reprises her role as Mon Mothma from Rogue One and Revenge of the Sith. She will be joined on the series by Adria Arjona as Bix Caleen, Denise Gough as Dedra Meero, Kyle Soller as Syril, Fiona Shaw as Maarva, and Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera.

Andor will premiere on Disney+ on September 21 with the first three episodes of the series. The nine remaining episodes of season 1 will be released weekly thereafter.

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One year ago, Andor changed Star Wars forever
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When Andor premiered one year ago this week, the general response to its first three episodes, which all dropped on Disney+ at the same time, was … interesting. While everyone seemed to welcome the Rogue One prequel with open arms and positive reviews, some were quick to express their concerns over the show’s pace. On the one hand, it’s not hard to see why. Andor's first three installments essentially serve as both the series' inciting incident and its prologue.

The show’s opening chapters split their time between flashbacks to Cassian Andor’s (Diego Luna) traumatic childhood on the war-torn planet of Kenari and the present-day fallout of his impulsive decision to kill a pair of Imperial-adjacent officials. It isn’t until the end of Andor’s third episode that his backstory has been fully fleshed out and he’s actually left his adoptive planet of Ferrix with Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård), the rebel leader who will jumpstart Cassian’s own radicalization. On paper, that might make it seem very little happens across Andor’s first three episodes.

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Disney+’s Ahsoka is a lot of things: A quasi-sequel to Star Wars Rebels, a spinoff of The Mandalorian, a rollicking space adventure. Above all else, though, Ahsoka is a show made by and for Star Wars fans. Created by George Lucas’ chosen protégé, Dave Filoni, the series is overflowing with details, Easter eggs, and characters from past Star Wars films and TV shows — namely, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels. These various references have all been collected in a story that seems designed to serve as the bridge between the Rebels finale and Filoni’s now-announced Star Wars crossover film, which will purportedly close out the New Republic story first introduced in The Mandalorian.

At the center of said story is the villainous Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) and the Imperial Remnant’s quest to bring him back into the fold. That mission is the driving narrative force of Ahsoka, which pits the show’s heroes against those who wish to find Thrawn and rescue him from his years-long exile in a foreign galaxy. The series is, in other words, a lot less about Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and her personal journey than its title would lead you to believe. In fact, of all of its concerns, Ahsoka’s characters feel increasingly less like its top priority.

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Since this is a sequel series, some audiences may have some catching up to do. But if they like Ahsoka so far, they should check out these seven episodes of Star Wars: Rebels.
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