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Games turn deadly in Bodies Bodies Bodies trailer

We’ve always half-suspected that rich kids play decadent games when they’re away from the prying eyes of normal people. And that seems to be the basic premise of Bodies Bodies Bodies, a new black comedy that slightly veers into horror territory. Following its debut at SXSW, A24 is set to bring the film to theaters this summer. And if the first trailer is any indication, it lives up to its tagline: “This is not a safe space.”

In the footage, a group of rich young adults gathers at a mansion far from the city life, where no one will bother them as they get drunk and high. The “friends,” and we use that term loosely, have a cruel game that they call “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” It always leaves someone in tears. But this time, someone among them is making sure that their fellow players are actually dying. The humor comes from the fact that even in a life-and-death situation, these people can’t let go of their shallow personas.

Bodies Bodies Bodies | Official Trailer HD | A24

Here’s the synopsis from A24:

“When a group of rich twentysomethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game goes awry in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.”

The cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Amandla Stenberg stars in the film as Sophie, with Maria Bakalova as Bee, Myha’la Herrold as Jordan, Pete Davidson as David, Lee Pace as Greg, Rachel Sennott as Alice, and Chase Sui Wonders as Emma.

Halina Reijn directed Bodies Bodies Bodies from a screenplay by Sarah DeLappe and a story by Kristen Roupenian. A24 will release Bodies Bodies Bodies in theaters on August 5.

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