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Get a peek at guest singers for Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke TV series

Apple Music — Carpool Karaoke: The Series — Trailer
During the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Apple Music provided a one-minute teaser look at its upcoming Carpool Karaoke: The Series, and it promised tons of A-list celebrity appearances. Now, the company has released a much longer trailer that provides an even deeper look.

In the first one-minute teaser, we see James Corden in the driver’s seat, accompanied by a string of celebrities, from Will Smith to John Cena, Metallica, Alicia Keys, John Legend and more. There are 16 celebrities in all, with two celebrities driving together in unlikely pairings; Seth MacFarlane and Ariana Grande, Shaquille O’Neal and John Cena, and Blake Shelton and Chelsea Handler are a few.

As was the case with some segments of the original Carpool Karaoke on which the series is based — a popular viral segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden — it appears the celebrities move outside of the car as well, not just sing in it. We see in the first teaser, for example, Legend accompanied by a gospel choir in a laundromat, and Smith crashing someone’s wedding photo.

The extended, 2:38-minute version provides more details about the pairings, as well as what songs they might sing — Metallica and Billy Eichner singing Rihanna’s Diamonds is as fun as you might expect and Corden and Smith belting out the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air will certainly have viewers singing along.

It appears to have the potential to be just as funny as the original, with or without Corden. As the celebrities engage in entertaining conversation, Legend reveals which artist he is often mistaken for and Shelton and Handler appear to get a little tipsy in a nearby bar. Smith and Corden take things to a whole new level when they change their mode of transportation to more appropriately sing a fitting R. Kelly hit.

In the end, each celebrity pairing passes the car keys off to the next two guests.

While Corden seems to be featured in one episode, he will not be, as is with his late night segment, in the driver’s seat in every one. He does, however, serve as a co-creator and executive producer alongside Ben Winston and Eric Pankowski, the latter of whom also serves as showrunner. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios and Fulwell 73.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series is “coming soon” to Apple Music, and those interested will be able to check it out for free, presumably by signing up for the service and getting the first three months free.

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