New Ronaldo trailer shows the world’s best player’s strength, skill, and sacrifice

Love him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best soccer player of all-time. In a new trailer for the documentary Ronaldo posted by the star himself on YouTube Monday, fans have a chance to see the road he’s taken to become the sports icon he is.

The film follows Ronaldo over 14 months of his life, capturing everything from thrilling moments on the pitch to intimate ones behind closed doors. It’s a look at his professional life as well as his personal life, with candid interviews with Ronaldo, his family, and friends woven in. Fans will see both his triumphs and his struggles.

Throughout the trailer, there are comical moments balanced with more poignant ones. At one point, we see him joking with friends, saying, “Tell me the best player in the world. Me!” Later, we see the cost of being an international soccer star when his young son asks him over the phone when he’ll be home.

It isn’t just Ronaldo who has sacrificed. The trailer includes an interview with his mother describing how difficult it was to send her son away to Lisbon at 12 so he could pursue his dream. The decision was hard on the whole family, but they knew it was an opportunity he desperately wanted.

Ronaldo’s son, of whom the pro athlete has full custody, is also a big part of the trailer, and it’s clear that Ronaldo is a hands-on father. The two share a funny moment at the end of the preview when Cristiano, Jr. tells his dad that he’s going to be a goalkeeper. “A goalkeeper? Are you joking?” asks Ronaldo.

Ronaldo comes from the makers of Senna and Amy, and is directed by Anthony Wonke. The film opens in theaters on Nov. 9.