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Frank Underwood is ‘the leader America deserves’ in House of Cards Season 4 trailer

Netflix has released the powerful first trailer for House of Cards season 4, which shows President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) giving a campaign-style speech, with cut scenes of his past atrocities periodically interrupting a shot of him sitting at his resolute desk.

“They say we get the leaders we deserve,” the President can be heard saying during the minute-long video, “I think America deserves Frank Underwood,” he says, smirking, while cut scenes of his murderous history play, “And in your heart,” he continues insidiously, “you know I’m right.”

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A follow up to a fake political trailer Netflix released during a real GOP debate on CNN, the video does well to showcase the two-faced nature of the main character’s personality, where narcissistic political ambitions are more important than the greater good of the nation as a whole.

House of Cards was originally based off of a BBC-produced miniseries of the same name, becoming the first series to hit for the streaming service in 2013, and is still among Netflix’s most popular original series.

As seen the the trailer, Kevin Spacey returns once again to star as President Frank Underwood, with actress Robin Wright also returning to play his wife, Claire. Both lead actors have previously won Golden Globes for their performances on the series.

In addition to the two main characters, actress Neve Campbell has joined the cast this year and is rumored to be playing a rival to the Underwood clan, although there has yet to be a formal announcement as to her character’s specific role.

Whether or not that means Campbell will be a force for good, or an opposing force for evil remains to be seen.

The new season of the critically-acclaimed political drama will premiere on the streaming video service on Thursday, March 3, with all episodes available for binge-watching simultaneously, in typical Netflix fashion.

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