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How to get Netflix for free

Where would we be without our Netflix subscriptions? The almighty streaming platform is a content-rich playground of movies, TV shows, stand-up specials, and award-winning original content. While there’s no end to the cinema and quality programming, the sky is also the limit when it comes to the price you pay for the streaming service. Netflix premiums have been steadily increasing every few years. Right now, a high-def plan will run you $13.99/month with 4K streaming available for $17.99/month.

Compared to other content hubs (Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+), Netflix is one of the most expensive streaming services. Is there a way to cut down on the cost of your Netflix bill? Technically, yes. In this how-to guide, we’ll reveal a few tips and tricks of our own that’ll help you enjoy Netflix content for free (for a while, at least).

Share the love

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Netflix’s low-cost monthly plan goes for $8.99. For what little you’ll pay with this subscription, you lose out on a few key perks. For one, all the movies and shows you watch will only be in standard definition. Secondly, you can only watch content on one screen at a time. This is where the love of your friends and family comes into play. Hopefully, you’ve been kind to those you hold dear, for if your in-laws are paying for Netflix, there’s a way to share their subscription at no additional cost to you.

Chances are most folks are shelling out at least $13.99/month for their Netflix package. The middle-of-the-road plan lets you watch Netflix on more than one screen, and the $17.99 UHD plan allows for viewing on up to four devices. What we’re getting at is as long as your in-laws share their Netflix login with you, and they’re not watching Netflix on more than one of their own devices, you can use their second (third, or fourth) device for yourself. Better yet, Netflix allows you to create up to five different user profiles, which means on top of free Netflix viewing, you also get your own watchlist and recommendations. Make sure your mother-in-law feels the love next Christmas.

Take advantage of free content

If you’re on the fence about signing up for Netflix, or you want a better idea of exactly what kinds of content the streaming platform offers, Netflix programmers have got you covered. Several Netflix movies and shows are available for free. This benefit only applies to select movies and episodes of TV shows, but it’ll give you a good idea of what Netflix has to offer.

To take advantage of the perk, you’ll need access to a computer or Android device. Currently, there’s no iOS browser support for free viewing. This shortcut is no-strings-attached because you won’t have to sign in, give your credit card information, or anything—just go to, pick what you want to watch, and you’ll be able to stream from there.

Make your ISP or carrier work for you

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If you’re in the market for a new cell phone plan or internet/cable provider, many providers will offer Netflix for free (for a limited time) to new customers. Note that this method doesn’t keep you from spending money, because you’ll be paying for your cell service, but the added benefit for a few months of Netflix is worth picking a plan with this offer.

If you want to find a provider that will bundle a Netflix subscription with their service, T-Mobile is one such carrier. Under the Magenta, Magenta One, and One plan options, T-Mobile will cover a portion of your Netflix bill or the entire cost of your monthly subscription, depending on the tier of cell service you select.

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