Jared Leto covers Empire magazine as the Joker from Suicide Squad

jared leto the joker empire 2
Jared Leto got back into character as Suicide Squad‘s Joker in a new cover for Empire magazine. The December issue of the British publication boasts a rare full-length image of the chilling green-haired villain.

With how much buzz there has been about early looks at Leto’s character, the magazine picked its Suicide Squad cover well. The latest photo reveals still more tattoos, including a massive one across him abdomen that appears to say “Joker.” He’s pictured shirtless, which seems to be his preferred state of dress (or undress, as the case may be). The Joker does, however, don a version of his familiar purple coat — this time, a purple crocodile trench coat — as well as carry a cane. Shoes are apparently as unnecessary a shirts, seeing as he’s barefoot.

Empire tweeted the cover, sharing another look at the latest version of The Joker.

If The Joker looks intense, it’s nothing compared to how seriously Leto has taken the role. His Suicide Squad co-star Will Smith (Deadshot) recently said that he’s never met the actor because Leto was always in character. It’s no wonder he captures the character so well.

Suicide Squad, which is written and directed by David Ayer, features a star-studded cast, who play incarcerated villains from the DC Comics universe. The film follows the group as they jointly take on a dangerous mission for a covert government group. In addition to Leto and Smith, the movie stars Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress, and more.

Suicide Squad is set to open in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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