Calm down fanboys! The Joker might look different in ‘Suicide Squad’

joker different suicide squad jared leto
All of that hullabaloo set off by director David Ayer’s Twitter picture of the Clown Prince of Crime all tattooed and chrome grilled may have been for naught!

It seems now, according to JoBlo, that picture everyone threw a fit over may not be the final result we see when Suicide Squad hits theaters. Instead of being covered in self-aware tattoos, especially one that says “Damaged” on his forehead, the Joker might instead have scars where the tattoos are, and there might be numerous scars across his back and arms. His skin will also be a lot whiter than it is in the photo, more along the lines of what the Joker has looked like in the comics. And yes, the grill will more than likely be gone.

We might see the Joker on screen sooner than Suicide Squad. Ben Affleck has been seen in Toronto lately, where Ayer and company have been filming Suicide Squad, and rumor had it that Batman would make an appearance in that film. However, it is also rumored that Jared Leto’s Joker will instead be seen in a flashback during Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, killing Jason Todd, AKA Robin, and setting a much darker world for Batman than audiences are accustomed to seeing.

Thus far, it is pretty much all speculation what the Joker will look like and whether or not we will see him in March or August of 2016. Adding more fuel to the raging rumor fires was Jared Leto, who posted a picture on Instagram wearing a shirt with Superboy’s logo on it. Leto also looks like he packed on some major muscle for the role, so we might have a jacked Joker on our hands, which is much different than any other version of the Clown Prince that’s graced theaters.

Suicide Squad is slated for release August 5 2016 and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released March 25, 2016.

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