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Will the Jurassic World sequel leave the park and island behind?

jurassic world sequel island
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The question of when we’ll get Jurassic World 2 has now been answered, so fans are next left to speculate on the sequel’s plot. Colin Trevorrow, who co-wrote and directed the latest Jurassic Park installment, has given us some help in that regard, dropping hints in a recent interview with Wired that suggest Isla Nublar may be left behind.

Although Trevorrow isn’t set to direct the follow-up to this summer’s massive hit, he will be returning as a writer. So far, what he’s shared points to a new setting, away from the island that has been overrun with rampaging on multiple occasions now. In fact, it sounds like we can rule out a storyline featuring “just a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island.” As Trevorrow put it, “That’ll get old real fast.”

The future of the franchise has been a priority for the writer/director, even while he was in the process of penning the first Jurassic Park installment in over a decade. “I felt it was important for me to set the table,” he said. His vision extends beyond a dinosaur theme park and into what else humans would do with the ability to create the potentially ferocious creatures. “There are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment,” Trevorrow said. He drew a parallel to nuclear power and how “the first instinct” was to use it for warfare rather than energy.

In the wrong hands, dinosaur-making capabilities can certainly be used for evil instead of good. Throughout the Jurassic movies, we’ve already seen those with less than pure intentions get their hands on the technology to disastrous results. Based on Trevorrow’s remarks, that trend seems likely to continue — but on a much larger scale.

Trevorrow shared that he’s been interested in what would happen if “different entities around the world” could produce their own dinos. As viewers saw Dr. Wu point out to Dr. Mesrani, “[InGen’s] not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.”

We’ll have to wait to see how stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard deal with whatever new problem Trevorrow dreams up. Jurassic World 2 isn’t due out till June 22, 2018.

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