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Manifest season 4, part 1 ending explained

To think that Manifest might not have gotten a final season was unimaginable for fans of the supernatural show. Originally airing on NBC, the network canceled the series after a cliffhanger season 3 ending, one of the most shocking season finales ever.

But by then, Manifest had already garnered a huge new audience on Netflix, and the streaming service brought it back for a fourth and final season. Delivered in two parts, the first part premiered last month. But fans are still talking about the explosive midseason ending.

Two years later…

The story picked up two years after Grace’s heartbreaking death and Angelina’s abduction of Eden. Clearly a shell of a man, Ben has completely dedicated himself to locating his daughter: not even the fact that his son returned having mysteriously aged five years snapped him out of it. Despite the family’s best efforts, a bearded Ben sleeps in the attic and constantly searches for clues that might lead to her whereabouts. Death Date, who? He doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Ben with a beard and baseball hat looking upset on Manifest.
Peter Kramer / Netflix

Meanwhile, Cal is living in hiding while Ben must pretend his eldest son is missing, too. It would, after all, be difficult to explain how Cal magically aged five years, even despite all the other mystical happenings. The entire family is living together, with Michaela taking over Ben’s job as de facto leader of the Flight 828ers. Zeke, meanwhile, is working as a psychologist, making good use of his empath abilities to help others by absorbing their pain and emotions. Saanvi had been having a rough time but found purpose by reuniting with Vance to continue their research.

Following the Calling

Cal holding on to a ledge, looking stunned on Manifest.
Peter Kramer / Netflix

Naturally, a series of Callings are what brings everyone back into the Death Date fold. Michaela’s visions lead her to a mysterious man who claims that Cal holds the keys to it all. He is, the man tells Cal, the “dragon,” though no one is clear what that means. Ben follows a Calling that eventually leads him to discover that Angelina has been hopping from place to place with Eden.

He might have her location at a home where Adrian is staying, and while Ben finally reunites with his daughter, he’s kidnapped first and an explosion puts them all at risk. Eden’s integration back into home life with the Stones is not easy. It’s riddled with her incessant cries for “mommy” that leave Ben gutted and fans infuriated at any sight of the season’s main antagonist, Angelina.

Back in the secret lab, Saanvi is convinced she needs to get her hands on omega sapphire to save not only the lifeboat but, as it becomes clear, potentially the entire world. Working alongside Vance, the dynamic duo is getting close to an answer. TJ has also returned and he and Olive make some fascinating mythological discoveries that could change the game.

Alas, poor Cal

Speaking of Cal, poor Cal. While he desperately wants to leave the house, he’s told he can’t until he finally defies everyone and goes on his first-ever date. The catalyst for this bold move: he receives the devastating news that his cancer has returned, it’s terminal, and he doesn’t have much time.

Angelina with her arms outspread, holding on to the sapphire on Manifest.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Filled with several explosive moments (both figuratively and literally), showdowns with Angelina where she just won’t seem to die, and a deteriorating Cal, Manifest season 4, part 1 ends with yet another series of cliffhangers. Angelina is, no surprise, not only still alive but has possession of the sapphire, which could lead to devastating consequences given the tremendous power it wields: she was already able to use it to create visions of both Grace and Evie, completely throwing Ben and Michaela off their games.

The Flight 828 passengers are all being detained thanks to the betrayal of Dr. Gupta, who felt it was the right thing to do given Angelina’s current status. Luckily, the 828ers still have Jared and Drea on their side. But that might no longer be enough.

Zeke’s true role is revealed

The biggest moment of the first half of this final season, however, is when Zeke’s role in the story comes full circle. He was not on Flight 828 yet has somehow been connected to it all, gaining his own supernatural powers and becoming intertwined with the Stone family.

The Stone family surrounding Cal in a hospital bed, a drained Zeke on the floor being cradled by Michaela on Manifest.
Peter Kramer / Netflix

While everyone else is fulfilling investigative duties, Zeke offers to stay back with Cal, who is, by this point, on his deathbed. Looking at the young man with whom he grew so close, Zeke realizes what he was meant to do all along: save Cal. He uses his empath abilities, musters every bit of strength, and takes on all of Cal’s cancerous pain. It seemingly kills him, and a distraught Michaela cradles her husband in her arms as the family arrives home to discover the bittersweet reality: Cal is going to be okay, but Zeke most likely is not.

There’s no official premiere date for the second half of Manifest’s fourth and final season. But the prediction is that it might arrive by summer 2023. Until then, fans mourn the likely death of Zeke, rejoice that Cal will be OK, and fear for what might happen to the now imprisoned 828ers, including Saanvi, and the power Angelina holds, quite literally, in her hands.

You can stream all four seasons of Manifest on Netflix.

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