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Marvel’s most powerful mutants, ranked from weakest to strongest

Over the course of decades of Marvel Comics history, as well as a cinematic universe that has spanned nearly 15 years, we’ve gotten to know quite a few mutants. Even as we’ve met mutants with a wide variety of powers, though, it’s clear that some of them are much more powerful than others.

All of them have skills that make them valuable, but there are some mutants that can change the fabric of time and space, and some who are capable of doing vast damage to others.

10. Iceman

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Iceman is so often treated like a punchline that it can be easy to forget how powerful he actually is. He’s never fully utilized in the movies, but his ability to freeze basically anything makes him an asset to any team that he’s a part of.

His powers include turning himself into ice, creating sentient ice creatures, and maybe even influencing the entire planet’s ecosystem. For a guy whose power set initially seems to involve just making stuff cold, he’s definitely more than meets the eye.

9. Rogue

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Rogue’s core power is to absorb the abilities of other mutants through touch. If she hangs on too long, though, she absorbs the power permanently. These power absorptions are what ultimately gives Rogue an edge when she goes against some of the most powerful mutants in the comics. In the current run, she’s absorbed the powers of Wonder Man permanently, which only serves to further boost her overall abilities.

8. Magneto

XMen Days of Future Past
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Controlling metal is pretty powerful on its own, but Magneto’s power set extends far beyond that baseline ability. He can manipulate things like magnetic fields, which can even extend to manipulating the planet’s polarity.

Magneto is not technically classified as an Omega-level mutant, but he can hang with some of the most powerful mutants that the X-Men have come up against, and he’s always proven to be a worthy foe for Professor X. His powers have varied as necessary over the course of the comics and films, but what has remained consistent is his ability to remain an iconic villain.

7. Quentin Quire

Quentin Quire
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First introduced as part of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, Quentin stands in contrast to Professor X’s way of thinking. Quentin’s abilities begin with his mind, which moves incredibly fast, and allows him to control the minds of others as well.

Quentin’s powers even continue to exist after the destruction of his own body, and are powerful enough for him to spark a minor revolution, all under the nose of one of the world’s most powerful telepaths.

6. Professor X

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Professor X’s mental abilities are almost unmatched, and his leadership is nothing to sneeze at either. Ultimately, though, it’s lucky that Professor X is so ideologically pure, because his powers could wreak a great deal of havoc if he decided to use them that way.

In fact, we know from the movies that Xavier could kill off most of the mutants on the planet with just the power of his mind. His powers are strong enough that, even when he just begins to lose control of them, as happens in Logan, he still causes total chaos.

5. Apocalypse

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His representation on the big screen may not have lived up to all the hype, but Apocalypse has consistently been one of the most powerful enemies of the X-Men in the comics. Apocalypse was widely known as the first mutant, but age isn’t the only reason he’s on this list. He can shape-shift, heal his body from mortal wounds, and transfer his consciousness to other bodies.

He can also project and absorb energy, and has the ability to strengthen other mutant’s abilities in the comics. It’s noteworthy that even Professor X is unable to take him down, and has to rely on Jean Grey’s immense abilities to defeat him.

4. Jean Grey


Even when she’s in control, Jean Grey is still one of the most dangerous mutants in the universe of the X-Men. She has basically all of the same powers as Professor X, plus telekinetic abilities. Jean’s abilities as a telepath were so powerful that Professor X actually suppressed them for a time.

When Jean’s natural abilities were combined with the power of the Phoenix force, she became almost unstoppable, and it was that power that Xavier grew to fear so deeply.

3. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards
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Franklin is the son of Sue and Reed Richards, and he’s a character of immense power in the comics. He can make any of his thoughts a reality, and also has the ability to create his own pocket universe. He’s still young, and hasn’t reached the limits of his abilities yet. Even still, Franklin is immensely powerful, and essentially has powers that rival those of a god.

Being born to immensely powerful and smart parents, Franklin’s powers aren’t a total surprise, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying. Building on that power could ultimately propel him to an even higher spot on this list, as his powers could even be limitless.

2. Onslaught

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In part because he was forged from the minds of Professor X and Magneto, Onslaught is a deadly combination of their immense power. Onslaught was responsible for the death of a large contingent of the superheroes on Earth.

While many of them were ultimately reborn in a pocket universe, they live in fear that someday he might return. At the peak of his powers, Onslaught had the abilities of Magneto, Professor X, Franklin Richards, and Nate Grey, making him a being of almost unfathomable power.

1. Legion

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The son of Charles Xavier, David Haller is both incredibly powerful and unstable. He is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, but it turns out that his multiple personalities are just his brain’s way of attempting to understand the power he possesses. He’s capable of controlling other people’s minds, manipulating matter, and traveling through time.

His powers also include shape-shifting and energy generation. There are really only a few people in the Marvel universe who can even contend with David, which is why so many characters ultimately fear him.

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