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Watch a group of teens plan an unusual crime in Netflix’s ‘Coin Heist’ trailer

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as we can plainly see in the new trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Coin Heist. The preview shows an unlikely group of students who come up with an unusual solution to their prep school’s financial troubles: robbing the U.S. Mint.

Fortunately, they’re smart enough to realize that hauling out a mountain of coins isn’t practical. What they decide to do instead is break in, print a few flawed coins, and then sell those at a premium to collectors. The plan obviously isn’t an easy one to pull off, but that’s the best idea they have for raising $10 million fast. Kids these days.

The trailer shows the circumstances that drive the teens to become Ocean’s Eleven wannabes, and they’re appropriately dramatic. The trouble all starts when their headmaster is arrested — in the midst of a field trip to the U.S. Mint — for embezzling money from the school’s endowment. His son, Jason (Alex Saxon), is understandably shaken by the news, and it inspires him to commit a crime of his own.

Jason ends up joining forces with his classmates Dakota, Alice, and Max (played by Sasha Pieterse, Elijah Boothe, and Alexis G. Zall, respectively), who have their own reasons for wanting to get involved, from wanting student activities to resume to needing the school to reinstate its academic scholarships. The foursome are unexpected allies, but between them they have the skills they think they need to get the job done.

Coin Heist is directed by Emily Hagins, who also penned the screenplay. The script is based on Elisa Ludwig’s 2014 book of the same name. The movie will be available for streaming on Netflix starting January 6.

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