Check out this creepy new trailer for the Harry Potter-less Woman in Black sequel

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Director James Watkins’ 2012 horror film The Woman In Black fared surprisingly well in theaters — possibly due to the presence of star Daniel Radcliffe in one of his first lead roles following the conclusion of the Harry Potter series — so it makes sense that a sequel was put into production a short time later. Radcliffe may be missing from the latest trailer for that sequel, The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death, but the film doesn’t seem to be missing any of the creepy atmosphere that its predecessor established so well.

Directed by Tom Harper (Misfits), the film is set 40 years after the events of the previous film and follows a pair of school teachers who evacuate a group of children from London during the bombings of World War II to a village on the outskirts of the city. After taking up residence in Eel Marsh House, the same mansion in which Radcliffe’s character encountered the terrifying “Woman In Black,” the teachers and their students begin to realize that their current refuge may actually be less safe than the city they left.

The film stars Phoebe Fox (One Day), Jeremy Irvine (War Horse), and Helen McCrory (Skyfall), and it’s worth noting — for the sake of trivia, if nothing else — that both the original film and its sequel feature actors from the Harry Potter franchise. McCrory played Narcissa Malfoy in the Potter films, appearing in three of the hit franchise’s installments.

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death is scheduled to hit theaters January 2, and you can watch the new trailer (which debuted on Fandango) below: