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The new trailer for Star Trek: Picard features a crew of familiar faces

If you’re not excited for the return of Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard yet, you will be once you watch the new trailer for Star Trek: Picard.

It shows an older, more pensive Picard who, despite his efforts, has never found his place living the comfortable life of a retiree on his chateau. That changes when he meets a mysterious young woman, played by Isa Briones, who goes to him in need of aid and who is implied to be a character who is significant to the franchise.

We see the makings of a new crew too, with a group of humans, Vulcans, and others joining Picard.

Fans will be delighted by the return of beloved actress Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, last seen on Star Trek: Voyager, and Brent Spiner, who will be playing the one and only Data. Although things aren’t looking so hot for Data right now as he’s still in pieces after sacrificing himself to save the crew of the Enterprise in Star Trek: Nemesis. Spiner said he “couldn’t say no” to doing the show when he heard Stewart was involved.

And there’s one more exciting and unexpected returning actor: Jonathan Del Arco, who will be reprising his role as a Borg named Hugh who broke free from the Collective.

Stewart said filming the show with old friends has been immensely fun so far, and they still have three more episodes yet to film. The show will have a different tone from other Trek shows though, and particularly from The Next Generation. Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman said that Picard will reflect the more complex politics of our current era, and that Picard will be forced to wrestle with some of the decisions he made during his career in Starfleet.

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