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Pokémon is getting a live-action TV show on Netflix

Netflix is currently working on a live-action television show set in the world of Pokémon. According to an article by Variety, Joe Henderson will write and executive produce this show. Joe Henderson is the current showrunner for the show Lucifer, which is based on the DC character of the same name.

The Variety report states that the show will try to capture the same feel and look as the 2019 Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu. However, the show will not be set in the same narrative world as the movie, as the show will be its own stand-alone series.

The announcement of the new live-action Pokémon show comes at a time when Netflix is going all-in on video game adaptations. Netflix is no stranger to this, as it just finished the final season for the critically acclaimed show Castlevania and debuted the first season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood this year. Netflix will also release a new series based on the game League of Legends this fall called Arcane.

Shows based on the Far Cry and Splinter Cell series are currently in development for Netflix as well.

The idea of creating a live-action Pokémon show for Netflix makes complete sense. Netflix is also no stranger to anime and Pokémon shows in general. In recent years, Netflix has pushed for more anime to be housed on the streaming platform. The majority of the Pokémon television series is currently available on Netflix.

There is currently no planned release date for the live-action Pokémon TV series.

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