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Hello, Batman: Set photos offer a good look at the new Batsuit, Batcycle

The Batman - Camera Test

We have more than a year to wait before The Batman arrives in theaters, but a new batch of photos from the set of director Matt Reeves’ upcoming film have provided the best look yet at the new suit DC Comics’ Dark Knight will don in the movie.

The photos were taken on the Glasgow, Scotland, set of the film, and feature a stunt actor — not star Robert Pattinson — decked out in the new Batsuit and riding around on the new Batcycle. Compared to the dark, stylized video posted by Reeves a week earlier, the leaked photos provide a much more detailed look at Batman’s cape, cowl, and everything else that makes him one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

— winnie the bruh (@Archivall) February 21, 2020

The photos were reportedly taken in the vicinity of the Necropolis cemetery near Glasgow Cathedral, where several scenes are being shot. Glasgow is being used as a stand-in for Gotham City in the film.

The new suit worn by Pattinson’s stunt actor is a significant departure from prior versions of Batman’s movie uniform. While Ben Affleck’s version of the Batsuit in the recent DC Extended Universe films was a more streamlined, minimal, black-and-gray costume, the new suit harks back to Christian Bale’s more military-influenced Batsuit, with its modular sections of armor and exposed gadgetry.

Pattinson’s Batman’s uniform also seems to align with the film’s status as a tale set in the character’s early years, as many of its elements have a basic, prototype look that could go through some development as the character evolves.

Leaked photos reveal the new Batman suit (being worn by Robert Pattinson’s stunt double)
for Matt Reeve’s ‘THE BATMAN’ film.

(#TheBatman #Batman #DC)

— Inside the Backlot ???? (@InsideBacklot) February 21, 2020

It’s worth noting that, along with revealing the look of Batman’s new Batcycle, the photos also appear to show a female character joining Batman for a ride through Gotham (via Glasgow). There’s a good chance that his riding partner is intended to be Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, who will be played by Zoë Kravitz in the film.

Along with the photos from the set of the film, a few clips of video have also been making the rounds — including one video that Batman probably hopes the criminals of Gotham don’t see. The video features the two motorcycle riders zooming down the street, only to have Batman lose control of his motorcycle on the wet surface while attempting to come to a stop.

Bat bike race #TheBatman #Glasgow @Moonwarp

— Dizzy (@LennonKennedy5) February 21, 2020

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters June 25, 2021.

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