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New season 6 Walking Dead pics suggest things will pick up right where they left off

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Gene Page/AMC
AMC really knows how to keep fans wanting more. In the weeks leading up to the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead on February 14, the network has released a new batch of promotional photos for the upcoming episodes. The recent release follows several other teasers, including a six-pane poster released a couple of weeks back.

The images in the latest reveal don’t give up anything specific about what’s to come; AMC is careful to tease just enough to be intriguing, without spoiling the plot. Most notably, we see a photo of a bloody Daryl, staring into what is likely the eyes of Negan’s group, the Saviors.

As regular viewers know (spoiler alert), the show ended last year with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham being stopped in their tracks while driving back “home” to Alexandria. They emerge from the truck to be confronted by a group of men who claim that their possessions now belong to Negan. Presumably, judging from the photo, the new season will pick up right where we left off. And Daryl doesn’t quite look ready to give anything to anyone.

In another photo, we see Abraham crouched down, with an apparently defeated look on his face. Or maybe that’s just annoyance with having to deliver a serious ass-whopping…again.

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Sasha, who appears in a third photo, meanwhile, looks ready to rumble, hand firmly on the gun holstered at her side.

When you really think about it, this appears to be nothing more than a shot from the last episode that aired for season six. So if nothing else, what it confirms is that things will pick up where they left off, whether immediately, or at some point in the first episode or two.

If you need any more evidence that the first episode will be a doozy, quotes showrunner Scott Gimple as suggesting that the upcoming ninth episode will be “gargantuan.” It is Valentine’s Day, so surely The Walking Dead wouldn’t kill off someone major, right? There’s never a guarantee.

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