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Where to watch Too Hot to Handle season 5

In Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, 10 singles sign up for a dating show they think will result in unlimited hookups. One contestant believes he’s going on a “floating sex palace.” Too Hot to Handle begins every season as a fake dating show to trick the contestants into thinking they’re about to have the time of their lives. Season 5’s mock dating show, Love Overboard, is set on a beautiful yacht as the contestants believe it’s a party tour of the Caribbean.

However, the fun doesn’t last once LANA, the AI cone voiced by Desiree Burch, reveals itself, explaining the rules of Too Hot to Handle. The men and women must complete various workshops without conducting sexual activities, including kissing. If the contestants break the rules, the grand prize of $200,000 is reduced.

Will these contestants abstain from sexual contact to win money, or will they give in to their desires? Find out on the new season of Too Hot to Handle.

Watch Too Hot to Handle season 5 on Netflix

A group of partygoers celebrate on a beach in Too Hot to Handle.

Too Hot to Handle season 5 will stream on Netflix. The previous four seasons are also available on Netflix. For more Netflix programming, check out the weekly top 10 lists in movies and television. This week in movies, Adam Driver’s 65 and the new action comedy, The Out-Laws, are climbing the charts. For the television side, The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 and Tom Segura: Sledgehammer might pique your interest.

When is it streaming for subscribers?

The 10 episodes in Too Hot to Handle season 5 will be released in weekly installments.

  • Four episodes on July 14.
  • Three episodes on July 21.
  • Three episodes on July 28.

How much does it cost?

Too Hot To Handle: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix offers four subscription plans: Standard with ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Standard with ads costs $7/month. However, it does not include every movie and TV show on Netflix. Basic, an ad-free package, costs $10/month, and features the entire Netflix library.

For the final two ad-free tiers, Standard costs $15/month, and Premium costs $20/month. Standard allows for two supported devices, while Premium offers four. Extra members who do not live with you can be added to these plans for an additional $8/month.

Is Too Hot to Handle season 5 worth watching?


Something is entertaining about witnessing a group of attractive singles suffer on a reality series. Too Hot to Handle is not a show where the audience needs to contemplate deep, ideological themes. It’s a reality show that serves as a form of escapism. Plus, it’s an easy show to binge multiple episodes in one sitting.

The season 5 cast members include Alex Snell, Christine Obanor, Courtney Randolph, Dre Woodard, Elys Hutchinson, Hannah Brooke, Hannah Brooke, Hunter LoNigro, Isaac Francis, Louis Russell, and Megan Thomson.

On Rotten TomatoesToo Hot to Handle holds an average audience score of 46%. On Metacritic, the series has a 43 Metascore.

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