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Wonder Woman making an appearance in 'Flashpoint'

Wonder Woman will show up in 'Flashpiont'
Warner Bros.
During last month’s San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros revealed that the title of the Flash’s upcoming solo movie is Flashpoint. This has had fans extremely excited for a number of reasons. Flashpoint is essentially a story in the comics where the Flash changes something in his past and completely changes the future of the DC universe. So the consequences of this happening in the live-action DC Extended Universe could be huge.

According to Forbes, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is going to have a role in Flashpoint. This makes total sense, due to the fact that Wonder Woman had a big role to play in the story from the comics. So her having a role in the film is to be expected. How big the role will be in the film, however, is not known. We also don’t know how closely the film adaptation will stick to the source material.

In the comics, Barry Allen — the Flash — runs back in time to save his mother from being murdered. In doing so, he creates an alternate timeline where he never becomes the Flash. The ripple effects spread across the entire DC universe, with Thomas Wayne — Bruce Wayne’s father — being Batman instead of his son. The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan has mentioned his interest in playing that role, if it were to ever happen.

The character of Cyborg also plays a key role in the comics, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see his character make an appearance in the film. His solo film is scheduled to debut in the same year as Flashpoint. The script is still currently being written and is almost finished. So we should be hearing some casting news pretty soon.

The next time we’ll be seeing Wonder Woman is in Justice League later this year on November 17. Following that, we’ll see the character in the Wonder Woman sequel sometime in 2019. Flashpoint is currently scheduled to be released in 2020, although the film does not currently have a director. In fact, the project has been having a bit of trouble getting a director to stay onboard for production.But we might be hearing some announcements about that sometime soon.

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