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Stephen Jordan

Stephen Jordan

Stephen is a freelance writer and blogger, as well as an aspiring screenwriter. Working in front of a computer and digesting entertainment, music and pop culture on a daily basis is all he wants to do. He also maintains a high level of interest in philosophy, psychology and existentialism. And also Spider-Man.

apple health app murder germany

Apple Health App data being used as evidence in murder trial in Germany

The data collected from a iPhone user's Apple Health App is being used as evidence in a rape and murder trial in Germany.
Intel is bringing you faster Wi-Fi

Intel wants to bring you faster Wi-Fi in the next couple of years

In 2018, Intel is going to make its home Wi-Fi portfolio larger with its new 802.11ax chips, with some improvements from 802.11ac.
California issues warning on radio frequency energy with cellphones

California says your cell phone could possibly be dangerous

Cell phone usage does indeed emit radio frequency energy, and the CDPH shared some info on how to avoid exposure to the RF energy.
graphene running shoes coming 2018 screenshot 2017 12 10 11 17 37

The world’s first graphene running shoes are coming in 2018

A revolution is set to hit the footwear market sometime in 2018. The University of Manchester is helping to bring graphene to running shoes.
Share your food and leftovers with the OLIO app

Cut down on waste and share your leftovers with others via the OLIO app

If you've cooked too much food for dinner, don't worry. The OLIO app is here to help by letting you share food with neighbors and local shops.
william augmented reality app graphic novel screenshot 2017 11 25 14 36 releases augmented reality app to go with his graphic novel

Rapper/producer has decided to release an augmented reality app to go along with his new graphic novel Masters of the Sun.
kickstarter acquires drip header

Kickstarter lets you subscribe to creators with Drip

It looks like Kickstarter is finally doing something with Drip, a crowdfunding platform the company acquired a year and a half ago.
jeremy heiden blue wicked every audio format home5crop

Jeremy Heiden is releasing his new album on every physical audio format

Singer-songwriter Jeremy Heiden loves all formats of music, whether they're CDs, tapes or vinyls. So he's releasing his album on all of them.
Automated vehicles jaywalking

In the future, jaywalking may be legal thanks to self-driving vehicles

The National Association of City Transportation Officials illustrates how self-driving vehicles could soon make jaywalking legal again.
A doctor used this iPhone ultrasound machine to diagnose his own cancer

A doctor used this iPhone ultrasound machine to diagnose his own cancer

The Butterfly iQ is a pocket-sized ultrasound device that vascular surgeon John Martin used to diagnose his own cancer.
YouTube Red picks up 'Swipe Right' series based on Tinder

‘Swipe Right’ is a series about dating every single one of your Tinder matches

The producers over at YouTube Red are working on a new 8-episode comedy series called Swipe Right, based on the Tinder dating app.
Zwim are goggles that integrate a near-eye display underwater

Zwim goggles integrate a near-eye display for underwater tracking

Triathlete Taegoo Kang has developed Zwim, a sweet pair of goggles that give you a near-eye display of data while swimming.
Microsoft has built a treehouse for its employees

Microsoft built treehouse workspaces for its employees at the Washington campus

Microsoft has built built treehouse workspaces for its employees, as part of the company's growing "outdoor districts."
Nintendo wants more hardcore games for the Switch

Nintendo wants more hardcore, mature games for the Switch console

Not only is Nintendo cranking out more consoles per month but they're looking for more games. Specifically, more mature games for the Switch.
Boeing to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Boeing acquires major drone, aerospace developer with focus on more autonomy

American multinational corporation The Boeing Company is moving forward with autonomous planes by acquiring Aurora Flight Sciences Corp.
Apple national security requests

In 2017, Apple has seen an increase in national security requests from the government

National security requests have been increasing for Apple this year, according to a new report.
Tesla Powerwall

Tesla is sending hundreds of Powerwall batteries to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Tesla is sending Powerwall batteries to the island to help get their power back on track.
Amazon Fire TV with Alexa

Amazon Fire OS update based on Android Nougat will add new features

Amazon says that their Amazon Fire TV Gen 3 will be launching with Fire OS 6, based on Android 7.1.2, otherwise known as Android Nougat.

Roku IPO a success, despite gaining little revenue from YouTube or Netflix

Roku filed for an initial public offering at the beginning of the month, and upon debut, is doing very well for itself.
crispr gene editing reduce miscarriages pexels photo 266094

Gene-editing technology CRISPR Cas9 could help reduce the rate of miscarriages

CRISPR is a gene-editing technology that could help lower the risk of miscarriages, and increase the amount of successful IVF procedures.
AffecTech to provide wearable tech for those with mental health issues

Researchers in Europe want to help you manage your mental health issues

Researchers in Europe will soon wearable technology that aims to help people better manage their mental health.
Cinera, the world's first cinema VR headset

Cinera, the world’s first cinema VR headset, smashes Kickstarter goal

There's a cool new virtual reality headset growing in popularity on Kickstarter called Cinera. It's the world's first personal cinema.
Zello is the top app in the App Store, due to Hurricane Irma

Zello is the top app in the App Store due to Hurricane Irma

As communication systems may be threatened by Hurricane Irma, the app Zello has been a helpful tool used to coordinate rescues.
steely dan walter becker dead 67

Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker dead at 67

Walter Becker, co-founder of the jazz rock band Steely Dan, has died at the age of 67. Becker's website announced the death Sunday.
Pay with smiles at this KFC China store

This KFC brand store lets you pay for food with a smile

At this KFC brand store located in Hangzhou, diners simply have to smile to order their meals, thanks to Smile to Pay facial recognition.
'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' director Tobe Hooper dead at 74

‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ director Tobe Hooper, a slasher film icon, has died

Filmmaker Tobe Hooper, who is most famous for directing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has died at the age of 74.
The app is here to help you find a job in tech Two former Google employees create app to help you find work

Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou are two former Google employees who have created, an app that helps those in the tech field get jobs.
The Microsoft Xbox One X.

Microsoft isn’t selling the original Xbox One anymore

Microsoft is no longer selling the original Xbox One in the United States. Only retail versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X are online.
Jerry Lewis, filmmaker and comedian, dies at 91

Comedian and filmmaker Jerry Lewis has passed away at 91

Legendary comedian and filmmaker Jerry Lewis died Sunday morning of natural causes, surrounded by his family in Las Vegas.
Google can now erase watermarks from stock photos

Google can now erase watermarks from stock photos

An algorithm created by Google is able to easily remove any watermarks from pictures and images from stock photography organizations.
Classic fighting game 'Tekken' is now available on mobile

Classic fighting game ‘Tekken’ is now available on mobile

Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has just announced that Tekken is going to be available via mobile soon.
The Defenders final trailer

Latest trailer for ‘The Defenders’ gives us just enough to beg for more

Marvel's The Defenders is finally going to debut on Netflix next week. This week, we've been given the final trailer for the series.
android o notificiations

Could Android O be released August 21?

Waiting for an official launch date for the Google Android O smartphone update? It could come with the eclipse on August 21.
justice league reshoots rumored ending comic con trailer screencaps 96

‘Justice League’ reshoots rumored to change cliffhanger ending

According to the /Film Daily podcast, the original ending for Justice League is being reshot and completely changed.