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Stephen Jordan

Stephen is a freelance writer and blogger, as well as an aspiring screenwriter. Working in front of a computer and digesting entertainment, music and pop culture on a daily basis is all he wants to do. He also maintains a high level of interest in philosophy, psychology and existentialism. And also Spider-Man.

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Apple Health App data being used as evidence in murder trial in Germany

An Afghan refugee named Hussein Khavari is being accused of raping and murdering 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger and disposing of her body in a river. Police went through the Apple Health App on his phone and learned what…

Intel wants to bring you faster Wi-Fi in the next couple of years

Intel recently made an announcement that it will be readying new chips for what is going to be the next generation of Wi-Fi. In 2018, Intel is going to make its home Wi-Fi portfolio larger with its new 802.11ax chips.

California says your cell phone could possibly be dangerous

Mobile phones are emitting radio frequency energy and radio waves, so there was always the potential and possibility to cause some sort of health risks and concerns. The California Department of Public Health recently discussed how to…
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The world’s first graphene running shoes are coming in 2018

Graphene has been used to make things better before, whether it's headphones or the ability to desalinate and purify water. Now, we're finally going to see graphene brought into the world of footwear and fitness.

Cut down on waste and share your leftovers with others via the OLIO app

Sometimes, we may not know what to do with food if we don't feel like eating it ourselves. Luckily, a Britain-founded mobile phone app called OLIO hopes to fix this problem while making the world a better place.
Movies & TV releases augmented reality app to go with his graphic novel

On Friday, the Black Eyed Peas frontman released an augmented reality app that brings the pages of the graphic novel to life. It's certainly not the entrepreneur's first foray into the tech world.