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Gal Gadot posted the first image from the Wonder Woman solo movie

gal gadot wonder woman images
Filming has begun on the Wonder Woman solo movie, and star Gal Gadot recently posted the very first photo from the upcoming film featuring DC Comics’ famous superheroine.

The photo features a cloaked Gadot in the role of Diana Prince, the powerful heroine better known as Wonder Woman. Gadot posted the photo on Twitter over the weekend with the caption, “Almost 75 years in the making… #WonderWoman is underway.”

Almost 75 years in the making… #WonderWoman is underway.

— Gal Gadot (@GalGadot) November 21, 2015

Directed by Monster and The Killing director Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman stars Gadot as the eponymous heroine, but much of the film’s plot remains a tightly guarded secret at this point. Early reports suggested that the film could be a prequel-style origin story set in Wonder Woman’s early years as a superhero.

Along with Gadot as Wonder Woman, the film’s supporting cast includes Star Trek actor Chris Pine as Captain Steve Trevor, as well as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and House of Cards actress Robin Wright, Danny Huston (Clash of the Titans, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), David Thewlis (The Theory of Everything), Ewen Bremner (Snowpiercer), Saïd Taghmaoui (American Hustle), Elena Anaya (The Skin I Live In), and Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead).

Earlier this month, an unconfirmed report suggested that Nicole Kidman was also in talks for a featured role in the film — possibly that of the lead villain (rumored to be the sorceress Circe) or Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta.

Gadot will make her big-screen debut as Wonder Woman in next year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice before headlining her own solo film the following year. Filming on Wonder Woman is scheduled to occur over the next few months in the U.K., France, and Italy.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters June 23, 2017. It will be followed a few months later by Justice League Part One, the first installment of a two-part team-up movie.

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