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Here’s your ‘welcome to the long weekend’ Memorial Day playlist

Heads up: Don’t go to work Monday. That applies to most of us, at least. If you’re lucky enough to be looking at a three-day weekend, well then that means you are already well on your way to taking advantage of that extra day. Who even knows what you’re doing! Sasquatch? Chores? BBQ? Beach day? Road trip? Saved by the Bell marathon in which you only leave your couch to restock on cereal? (Respect. Mad respect.)

Whatever it is, you are going to need yourself a playlist – and we have you covered, kind readers. If you’re too tired or lazy or busy to curate your own sounds for the next three days, then check out our long weekend playlist. Consider it a healthy mix of genres and play away – be it your background music or the only thing your living for til Monday (no judgement).

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