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Does your dog love yacht rock? Find out with Spotify’s pet playlist generator

If you’ve ever wondered if your dog prefers rap to rock and roll, Spotify has got the answers with a new pet playlist generator that debuted on Wednesday, January 15. 

The generator ( lets you select what kind of pet you have — everything from a cat or a dog to an iguana, a bird, and a hamster. Once you pick your pet, you’ll have to answer a few questions, like whether your cat is more energetic or relaxed, or more shy or friendly. 

You can even add a photo of your pet and their name to make the playlist official. Once you enter all this info, Spotify curates a playlist you can listen to with your furry or scaly friend based on your own personal taste in music and the answers you gave about your pet. 

You’ll most likely find a few songs with “cat” or “dog” in the name, depending on what kind of pet you have, as well as songs you’ve casually listened to in the past. The playlist mixes in a few surprises based on your listening history and your furry friend’s personality. And, of course, you can share the playlist on your social media. 

Spotify said that it worked with pet experts to create the algorithm for the pet playlist. 

“While music for pets isn’t an exact science, we consulted with experts in the pet industry for the best approximation for what might work best for our featured animals,” Spotify said under its FAQ. 

It’s the latest way the streaming service is trying to add more social and interactive features. Spotify’s year-end roundup called Unwrapped gained traction on social media platforms where people used it to share the artists, songs, and albums they listened to most this past year. 

There’s also talk of an unreleased feature called “Tastebuds” designed to let you discover new music through your friends’ lists by curating a playlist based on your and your friends’ similar tastes in music. 

Overall, Spotify remains the global champ when it comes to music streaming services. The service has over 100 million subscribers worldwide and has over 30 million songs within its catalog. In comparison, Spotify’s closest rival, Apple Music, has about 60 million monthly subscribers but has a more extensive inventory of about 45 million songs to listen to. 

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