Rhapsody offers three months of “unlimited” music streaming for under $1

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Rhapsody has a one of the least expensive gifts around this season that keeps on giving — for three months, anyway. The online music service is now offering three months of its music streaming subscription service Rhapsody Premier for a dollar.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, Rhapsody Premier offers three months of ad-free music listening with the ability to download any of its 32 million songs for offline play on up to three devices. Sharing your account with your significant other to avoid buying an actual Christmas gift is tempting, but limited on Rhapsody Premier as users can only stream from one device at any given time.

Rhapsody’s holiday gift giving also extends to its mobile radio app unRadio which offers similar functionality to Pandora, with radio stations customized to your interests. The monthly subscription service, normally priced at $5 a month, is available for a 14 day free trial right now. Both Rhapsody Premier and unRadio have recently been included in T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program which does not count certain streaming services towards users’ mobile data cap. Under T-Mobile Music Freedom, unRadio is free for users with Simple Choice plans while Rhapsody Premier is priced at either a discounted $6 a month or its regular $10 a month charge, depending on the data plan.

Spotify offered the same deal for its Spotify Premium service at the beginning of December, making the timing of Rhapsody’s promotional push seemingly indicative of a move to improve its marketshare and keep up with the competition.  This past July, Rhapsody announced the number of its paid subscribers had surpassed 2 million. Two months prior, Spotify reached the 10 million paid subscriptions mark, and now extends to over 12.5 million.  Everytime Rhapsody goes one stream forward, Spotify goes about five streams further.

Spotify’s Premium deal ends on December 31st, however Rhasody’s Premier deal has no disclosed end date.