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Roborock S4 vacuum bot has the ability to free itself when it gets stuck

Robotic vacuum cleaners fulfill one of science fiction’s most intriguing ideas for the future: Self-cleaning machines. No one enjoys vacuuming (least of all cats), but a robotic vacuum cleaner can be everyone’s best friend. The downside is that so many of the current models have a terrible habit of getting stuck on furniture, under couches, and pretty much anywhere else they can get caught. Roborock has solved this issue with the latest addition to its S series, the Roborock S4 — a robotic vacuum with the ability to free itself from obstacles, according to the creators.

The Roborock S4 can clean for up to three hours at a time before it needs to return to its dock to charge. It can transition between carpet and hardwood without affecting its ability to clean, and its heavy-duty wheels let it move between surfaces without getting stuck. Roborock has added more sensors to the S4 (for a total of 11) to improve its fall avoidance, height sensitivity, and its ability to avoid entrapment. its navigation lasers scan the room up to 300 times per minute and create a real-time map that is accurate up to2 centimeters.

The Roborock app works with both iOS and Android and gives you the ability to schedule specific cleaning times, create specialized routes, and control the S4 no matter where you are. You can also create “no-go” zones — areas the Roborock S4 avoids. These zones not only make it easy to keep the Roborock S4 out of areas where it might get stuck, but you can also prevent it from knocking over something important or messing up the wiring of an entertainment system.

It’s worth noting the cleaning features on the Roborock S4, too. It uses a side brush that changes its speed to blow dust into the path of the main brushes, leading to a deeper clean even in hard-to-reach areas. There is also an air filter that helps reduce the number of particles floating through the air after cleaning has finished. Roborock says their vacuum has enough suction to pull such objects as AA batteries.

The Roborock S4 is available today on Amazon starting at $400.

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