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Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France

The international legal scuffle between Samsung and Apple continued this week with the Korean technology manufacturer firing off the latest volley against its Cupertino rival.

This time around, Samsung has filed a complaint in France alleging that Apple infringed upon three of its patents in its iPhone and iPad products, according to AFP. Originally filed back in July but announced on Monday, the complaint claims that the latest iPhones and 3G-enabled iPad models violate a trio of Samsung’s patents.

If you’re wondering how this differs from the recent Apple vs. Samsung case in Germany that resulted in a nationwide injunction against the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, you’re not alone. While details remain a bit sketchy at the moment, recent reports indicate that the French complaint specifically addresses the 3G mobile technology used in the Apple devices, and not the design of the devices (which was the focus of the German complaint).

Along with the German and French legal drama, Samsung and Apple are also currently battling it out in the Netherlands, Australia, the U.S., and several Asian countries — including a request by Samsung to have Apple’s products banned in South Korea.

The first hearing for the French case is scheduled for December, though at the rate we’re going, there will probably be a few more cases announced between now and then.

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