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Tetris Effect, no longer a PS4 exclusive, hits Epic Games Store with VR support

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The legendary Tetris franchise saw a resurgence in popularity with the release of Tetris Effect and the battle royale experience Tetris 99. Now, the former is coming to PC gamers via the Epic Games Store and will include support for the Oculus and Vive VR. Tetris Effect was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, so this will serve as the first opportunity for players outside of that platform to play it.

Enhance, the game’s publisher, revealed the news with a new trailer. The trailer and Epic Games Store listing show that the PC version of Tetris Effect will launch July 23 and features graphics options for 4K and above. The framerate will be uncapped and ultrawide monitors are supported, so PC gamers will be able to take full advantage of the game’s vibrant puzzle gameplay. Those who preorder will get a 20% discount, a sampler soundtrack, and desktop wallpapers.

Tetris Effect took the original game’s tile-laying puzzle gameplay and enhanced it by using different visuals and music to create distinct environments in which to play the game’s multiple modes. “Journey” is the standard mode where players progress through a series of stages. “Effect” modes include a variety of settings and rules designed to mix up the Tetris formula with challenging experiences, those designed for relaxing, and more.

The VR support for Tetris Effect allows gamers to immerse themselves in 3D game spaces, and this PC release will give Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners new content to enjoy. Input while in VR works for standard gamepads, Oculus Remote, Oculus Touch, and the Vive controllers.

The offer to get Tetris Effect’s digital pre-order goods for free ends on August 6. There are 10 4K desktop wallpapers and the soundtrack sampler includes seven tracks from the game. This is another significant get for Epic Games’ PC gaming marketplace and will add to the conversation about the company’s effort to cut into the digital PC gaming pie. Epic’s battle with Steam and other PC launchers has been a popular conflict that has involved some polarizing decisions from game developers and publishers, but this particular release may go under the radar simply because there didn’t seem to be any chance that the game would not remain a PS4 exclusive.

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