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This smart ball is designed to keep your pup healthy and happy

Bringy: A smart ball for smart dog owners! SUPPORT on KICKSTARTER!
Considering how popular fitness trackers have been in recent years, it should come as no surprise that someone has come up with a similar device aimed at keeping our canine friends healthy, active, and fit, too. A new device called Bringy has just launched on Kickstarter and it promises to provide many of the same features that we’ve come to expect from gadgets like the Fitbit in the form of a smart ball.

Like other activity trackers, the Bringy pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and can track a wide variety of stats. For instance, the device can monitor the speed and distance that a dog has run, and it can tell how high he or she jumps to retrieve the ball as well. It will even compile stats over time so owners can see how their dogs have improved their quickness and agility while training with the ball.


The Bringy is made of tough, durable, chew-proof materials that are designed to keep it safe and functional no matter how much abuse a dog throws at it. The ball is equipped with an array of sensors and accelerometers that can accurately detect and track motion, but it has a few other handy features, too. For instance, it has a built-in alarm that can be activated to help find it if it becomes lost and an internal LED light makes it more visible in low-light conditions. It is also shock and waterproof, allowing it to be used on hard ground, concrete, or even a lake or pool.

The smart ball’s companion app will be available for both iOS and Android, and will offer its own unique set of features as well. In addition to tracking a dog’s activity, it will prompt owners to offer their pup a treat when he or she performs exceptionally well. It will also remind users when it’s time to play, and will let them know when their dog needs food and water, too.

The designers of the Bringy are looking to raise $76,000 to launch their product. If they are successful in their crowdfunding efforts the device will go into production later this year and should begin shipping in December. Final pricing has yet to be announced but early bird adopters can grab one for $45.

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