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Want to wear a brake light on your head? Cosmo Connected is your answer

cosmo connected ces 2017 dsc00201
The biggest danger facing a motorcyclist while riding in traffic is getting rear-ended by a car. To address this, Cosmo Connected has debuted at CES 2017 a solution to help keep two-wheeled commuters a little safer on the road.

The Cosmo is an extra visible brake light made of 12 LEDs that attaches to the back of any existing motorcycle helmet via a magnet. The housing is made of polycarbonate and EPDM rubber, is weather resistant, and weighs 150 grams (5.3 ounces).

Powered by a lithium polymer battery that’s good for 450 minutes of operation on a single charge, the brake light can be programmed to act either as a normal brake light — illuminating on deceleration when sensed by the built-in accelerometer — or it can be set via an app to blink a constant pattern, which might be preferred in less visible conditions, or by cyclists looking to borrow this technology.

“Our goal with Cosmo Connected is to create a new safety standard for motorcyclists,” said Romain Afflelou, president of Cosmo Connected.

The Cosmo is more than just a brake light; its least noticeable feature is one that could save a rider’s life. Should the Cosmo detect a collision, it will send a command to the connected app to alert emergency services along with geolocation info and medical profile. The app can also automatically alert emergency contacts.

The connected features can also be used for real-time monitoring of location that can be shared with trusted parties. Cosmo also said that it can anonymize the data to determine high-risk areas for motorcyclist collisions.

“Cosmo is not just a connected gadget, but a powerful tool designed to save lives,” added Afflelou.

The Cosmo Connected accessory will be released in May 2017 and will retail for $99 or 99 euros.

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