The Camping Cube is a mondo tent with charging pockets and a doggy door

Casual campers and festival goers looking for a tent to take with them on their next outdoor adventure now have a new option to consider. E-Z Up, a company known for making shelters that are quick and easy to put together, introduced a new tent called the Camping Cube that promises plenty of features and amenities, along with interior space for up to six people.

The new tent is designed to be used in conjunction with one of E-Z Up’s existing shelters, transforming the simple structures into a spacious place for a group of friends and family to spend the night. Users begin by first setting up the basic shelter, which is usually accomplished simply by extending the telescoping legs to the proper height. Next, the Camping Cube is rolled out on the ground underneath and is connected to the shelter using a series of built-in clips. As those clips are locked into place, the tent slowly takes shape. The entire process is surprisingly simple and requires just a few minutes to complete.

camping cube

E-Z Up has incorporated a number of features that help make the Camping Cube an intriguing option for car campers. For instance, the tents have a large door that provides quick and easy access to the interior and they come with four mesh windows that offer plenty of ventilation on warm days and nights. When fully extended, the Cube is tall enough for most people to stand upright while inside and it has multiple storage pouches for keeping important gear organized and close at hand. There are even a series of “power pockets” that allow campers to run extension cords into the interior of the tent, giving them the ability to charge mobile devices or run other electronics while still keeping the elements at bay.

The Camping Cube is available in two sizes – the 5.4 and 6.4 – with the names indicating the number of people who can sleep comfortably inside. But just how exactly do you accommodate 0.4 people? In this case, E-Z Up is actually referring to our four-legged friends, who often love to go camping too. That means that the 6.4 model has enough room for up to six people, with room to spare for a canine friend too. The tents even come equipped with a pet portal, allowing the pooch to exit the interior as needed.

The new Camping Cubes are available for $209 and $239 for the 5.4 and 6.4 versions, respectively.