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Crowdfunded ebike provides an affordable way to go green in India

Around the world, people are looking for ways to cut back on how much pollution they cause. For many, the biggest obstacle holding them back is the cost. In many cases, going green can be expensive. That is why companies like Milltex are working on much more affordable options.

Milltex has created Spero, an affordable, no-compromise ebike for the Indian consumer. Like any other electric bicycles, a battery-powered motor can push you along on your commute. Where this bike differs is in its ability to recharge the battery as it’s pedaled.

Spero was built with commuters in mind. At a full stop, the bike can accelerate up to 15 miles per hour in ten seconds. Instead of standard gears, the bike uses 5-speed digital gears when in electric mode. If you choose to ride manually, or run out of a charge, regenerative pedaling allows you to charge the ebike. Alternatively, if you travel at a constant speed for six seconds, cruise mode will take over so the bike will continue to maintain that speed without pedaling.

The battery itself is a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that can easily be removed for charging. It can be recharged through any standard outlet and can go from 20-80 percent in 3 hours. For safety sake, there is a mounted light on the handlebars and a digital display that provides all the necessary data. Charge level, speeds, distance covered, and more can all be seen at a quick glance.


At this time, Spero has been successfully crowdfunded on India’s equivalent to Kickstarter, Fuel a Dream. Three different models were available for pre-order through the service, the E-30, E-60, and E-100. Conveniently, the numbers refer to how many kilometers the batteries can take you on a full charge. At pre-order, their prices converted to about $500, $600, and $700 respectively, but crowdfunded products tend to cost a bit more once they hit retail.

For more information, check out  Spero’s website.

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