Vintage Electric’s badass Scrambler S ebike is at home on the road and dirt

Make your own escape from the humdrum of same-old, same-old and charge off with Vintage Electric‘s new Scrambler S adventure ebike.

When Vintage introduced the Scrambler adventure ebike earlier this year, Digital Trends noted the intentional styling cues from the earliest Harley-Davidsons. With the Scrambler S, however, Vintage jumps the fence and takes a turn toward Triumph Motorcycles with its World War II mil-spec design trim, down to the yellow headlight. The style and the intro video point to an iconic motorcycle ride, Steve McQueen‘s chase scene in The Great Escape.

But the Scrambler S is by no means a pale style-rider. Vintage Electric’s new flag carrier sports the line’s most powerful lithium battery, enclosed in the company’s signature aluminum battery box. Massive for the ebike niche, the 1,123-watt battery can haul up to 36 miles per hour in optional race mode — off public streets. The battery powers a rear hub-mounted direct drive motor.

Thumb back to the more docile street mode with its 20 mph top speed — one of five selectable pedal assist modes — and Vintage claims the Scrambler S’s big battery is good for up to 75 miles.

Vintage Electric CEO Scott Brown started to explain the Scrambler S’s role in the company’s ebike lineup with measured words.

“As a transportation company, Vintage Electric builds bikes that inspire riders and adventures, and our new Scrambler S is just waiting for the next adventure,” Brown stated. “Our typical consumer is often most interested in premium-quality products, has a passion for fun, and likes to arrive in style. Using a Vintage Electric bike for one’s transportation becomes a way of life, and with the ability of the new Scrambler S it is sure to over-deliver on all expectations.”

But then Brown dropped the script. “Let’s not beat around the bush;” he said, “the Vintage Electric Scrambler S is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. It looks like it can go like hell … and it goes as fast as it looks! It is our most capable bike and holds a special place in the Vintage Electric lineup.”

The Scrambler S rides on a dual-crown inverted suspension fork and Schwalbe knobby tires. Its black matte frame and wire mesh yellow LED headlamp help you stay stealthy. Front and rear hydraulic regenerative brakes help recharge the Scrambler S battery while providing above average stopping power.

The Vintage adventure bike’s control features include a thumb-activated throttle on the right bar and an LED cockpit display on the left bar. Leather ring handgrips and a dual density perforated leather seat add comfort that’s true to style. The Vintage Electric Scrambler S lists for $6,995.