With a selfie, Bitmoji Deluxe makes avatars look more like you

Snapchat wants to create Bitmojis that look a bit more like you — starting with a selfie. On Tuesday, January 30, Snap Inc. announced Bitmoji Deluxe, a new addition to the Bitmoji app that allows users to use a selfie as a reference point, as well as adding more feature options to give users more diverse options for customizing their character.

The update now allows users to start their Bitmoji creation with a selfie to easily reference throughout the creation process. Don’t remember the exact shape of your eyebrows? Just consult that selfie. The original selfie can be consulted in several steps of the creation process, Snap says.

As users generate the avatar, Bitmoji Deluxe brings more physical attributes, styling preferences and personalities than the classic options in the app. The expanded options cover a range of categories, including new facial features, skin tones, and accessories. Expanded hairstyles are one of the most common requests from users, Snap says, so the Deluxe brings new hairstyles and colors, along with options for customizing with highlights and ombre effects. Snapchat says the changes are designed to help bitmojis feel more personal.

In addition to expanding the feature options, the Bitmoji app will now preview each new selection on the current character. Along those same lines, a new navigation bar sits inside the app at the bottom, offering access to the different categories, another change designed to further enhance the user interface.

The enhanced options are available by updating the Bitmoji app on both iOS and Android. Users can find the new options by selecting “change avatar style” in the settings menu and choosing the Bitmoji Deluxe. Snap says the classic bitmoji isn’t going anywhere either — users can return to their classic character by switching back in the settings. Like earlier versions of the app, the finished bitmoji can be used as an avatar for Snapchat, iMessage, Google Gboard. and other chat applications.

Snap says that the company will continue to use Bitmoji Deluxe to create avatars that are more inclusive. The social media and camera company acquired the Bitmoji app midway through 2016, quickly integrating into the Snapchat platform. Bitmoji Deluxe joins a list of updates since that acquisition, including geo filter options that change during the day, integration into the Snap Map and 3D bitmoji World Lenses.