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This iOS app lets photographers earn cash from selling small photo books

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Photographers can now earn royalties from their work by selling photo books straight from their iPhones. Booxie, an iOS app for creating custom photo books, today announced the launch of a royalties program for selling photobooks to followers.

From chefs to photographers, Booxie says the new royalty program allows visual artists to share their work in a 4.25 by 4.25-inch photo book while earning a percentage of each print sale. As an app designed to create custom graphics with both photos and text, users have a variety of options for crafting different types of books for sale.

“We’re excited to open up new ways for photographers, stylists, designers, chefs, and visual artists to create, print, and share all from one place,” said Ray Slay, co-founder and CEO of Booxie, LLC, and a former professional photographer. “Booxie will become an invaluable tool and platform for visual creators to present their creations in the app and through the multitude of sharing capabilities available, as well as have the opportunity to garner extra income from their followers and fans by offering their work in a perfectly bound printed book.”

The Booxie app is unique in that it allows users to design creations for both sharing on social media, email, or via link and printing, Booxie says. The royalties program is open to any user by accessing the “opt-in” option from the settings menu following the on-screen instructions. Inside the settings, users can select which albums are available for anyone to order and which albums remain private. A Paypal account is required, as well as tax information for any royalties over $10.

The photobooks are then offered for sale through the Booxie app, though a web view link allows anyone with internet access to purchase the photo books. The web access allows orders from Android platforms and desktop computers, since Booxie is currently an iOS-only app.

While the smaller books are available to every user, the company is also launching an invite-only program that also allows users to create and sell 8 by 8-inch Booxie albums. Participants in the Select Royalties Program will also be promoted in the Booxie app.

Booxies start at $2.49 for a four-page book and head up to $8 for a 24-page booklet, while the app is free to download from the App Store.

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