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Canon’s versatile new Pixma inkjet printers can handle any print job at home

Canon announced seven new inkjet printers across two different product lines designed for personal and home office use. For general and creative in-home print jobs, the five new TS-series printers present upgrades over current models and add several features. The most novel is the new “Message in Print” ability that hides a message embedded in a printed image. The message can be viewed by anyone using the Message in Print app on an iOS device (coming fall 2017) by simply holding the phone’s camera over the printed image to scan it, much like a QR code or the Prynt pocket printer.

In a statement, Canon said Message in Print will help make photos and at-home projects “even more memorable.” It is also seems to be an attempt to keep prints relevant in an increasingly paperless, all-digital world. Such a feature could reignite some excitement for the medium (printing is seeing a resurgence, of sorts), or it could fizzle out quickly as just another gimmick.

Hidden messages aside, the new TS printers appear to be capable machines. Each model includes Bluetooth connectivity and offers improved ink quality — both new features. The range-topping TS9120 and TS8120 boast even greater print quality thanks to a six-way premium color system that uses a new photo blue ink to reduce graininess in bright and vibrant prints (replacing a gray tank). Those models also offer direct printing from an SD memory card or camera, and can even print to CD/DVD labels because apparently that’s still a thing people need to do. We found the TS9120’s predecessor, the TS9020, to be an excellent printer, and we expect the same from the new entry.

While the lower range TS6120, TS5120, and TS3120 models won don’t offer as many features and use a five-ink system instead of six, they do still have all the general abilities of a multifunction printer, including scanning and cloud-based printing. The TS9120 features a 5-inch LCD screen, is available in gray, gold, or red, and goes for $200. The TS8120 has a 4.3-inch screen, is available in black, gray, or red, and sells for $180. The TS6120 and TS5120 are available in black or white and sell for $150 and $100, respectively, while the TS3120 is available in white only for just $80.

Two more printers, specifically for the home office

Canon also introduced two models in its Pixma TR-series aimed at the busy work-from-home warrior. The new models offer wireless printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, and are about 35-percent smaller than the outgoing MX-series models they replace. They both feature a new industrial design, five-way color ink system, revamped user interface, automatic document feeders, and auto duplex printing. Like the new TS-series models, they also gain Bluetooth connectivity.

The TR8520 comes with a 4.3-inch LCD screen for $200, while the TR7520 offers the same feature set but makes due with a smaller 3-inch screen for $180. If you’re in the market for a new printer, you can learn more about these new models on Canon’s website, or check out some of our other favorite inkjet printers.

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