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Start the week with this amusing video of a dog stealing a GoPro

Here’s a video that’s bound to banish any Monday-morning blues. It shows a dog running off with some poor fella’s GoPro action camera as the owner and several other pooches attempt to chase down the four-legged thief.

The amusing clip recently showed up online and quickly went viral.

The GoPro happened to be filming when the mischievous mutt grabbed it and ran off. The fun comes from the camera angle, with the lens pointing directly at the dog’s face as it sprints off with the GoPro in its mouth.

Even if you think the entire caper is a setup (it has, after all, appeared just days after another clip landed online showing a very similar happening), it’s still pretty darn funny watching the dog scarper off with the kit, with the others in hot pursuit.

And the dog is clearly a natural comedian, enhancing the clip with a selection of choice facial expressions and several superbly timed pauses.

The video was originally posted a couple of days ago by Redditor carmenlightning, with Twitter user Jon Christian helping to bring the clip to wider attention — it’s now been viewed 8.3 million times and has received more than 630,000 likes on the microblogging site.

While the original clip contains only ambient sound, several commenters were quick to add their own soundtracks to boost the humor value. Of those, the one featuring the Benny Hill theme tune is by far the best (below).

The canine crook isn’t the first animal to have a close encounter with a camera. Remember the seagull that grabbed a GoPro from a San Francisco beach? Or the lions that pawed a camera sent into their den, resulting in some stunning still images? You can check both out here.

But surely the most remarkable time was when wildlife rangers in Australia set up a motion-sensor camera in a bid to capture close-up video of crocodiles. But instead of the aquatic reptile coming close, a sea eagle showed up and peered down the lens before grabbing the device and flying off.

The camera was later discovered some 70 miles away, and the footage showed bits of its journey as the eagle carried it away from its original location.

“It was pretty amazing because it’s one of the first camera traps to ever get picked up,” one of the rangers said at the time.

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