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An accessory to sink your teeth into: Use GoHawk to control GoPro with your mouth

There’s one issue GoPro users have yet to solve: How do you capture only the action you want, when your hands are otherwise occupied by the actual action?

If a new Kickstarter project reaches its goal, GoPro users won’t have to wait much longer for the solution. GoHawk, developed by POA Labs, is a remote shutter release for the GoPro that users can operate with their mouth, either with their tongue or by biting the mouthpiece (there’s also a handlebar mount that can be used with the thumb).

The GoHawk plugs into the back of any GoPro Hero 4, while still fitting inside the included housing, and offers three ports: a remote shutter cable, a USB auxiliary cable, and a remote LED indicator. The tongue or bite release can be attached to a helmet for easy access. The LED light indicator can also be added to a helmet, with lights to indicate if the GoPro is recording or not and when the battery is low.

While the biggest perk of the GoHawk is that remote shutter release, that USB auxiliary port addresses some battery life woes with the option to add extra power.

The Kickstarter is already halfway to a $20,000 goal, with nearly two months left to go. GoHawk aims to help prevent the loss of battery life and wasted memory space from setting up continuous burst shots or starting the video early.

The GoHawk with one LED light is available for $99 for the first 100 backers through the Kickstarter page, or $121 after the early bird pledges are gone. The GoHawk with the LED and a choice of the tongue or bite switch is $170.

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