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Kinomatic app for iPhone promises pro-level video capturing, editing with little hassle

kinomatic app iphone promises pro level video capturing editing little hassle screenshot
Thanks to the iPhone’s great camera, smartphone photography and videography have become immensely popular in the past years – not only with general consumers, but also with enthusiasts and professionals that value great quality and convenience in a small package. In order to make the most of the iPhone’s camera, however, you need an app that lets you acess its full capabilities.

While the iTunes App Store is overflowing with photo and video apps that all claim to be the best choice for you, it’s not an easy task picking the one that actually fulfills your needs. While some may not offer enough functionality, others may come with too many options to wrap your head around, and not all apps are equally designed to be user friendly.

Kinomatic is a new videography app for the iPhone that promises not only to deliver pro-level video capturing and editing in the same app, but also claims to be easy to use. With a sleek interface that has been refined over a year with the help of filmmakers, journalists, and general users, Kinomatic offers a host of manual settings such as exposure, white balance, crop ratio, and more.

Clips that are shot in sequence can automatically be edited into a film, but the app also offers editing tools that include trimming and re-ordering of clips, adding and editing audio tracks, the adjustment of sound levels, adding titles, and more. Watch the promotional video below to get an impression of Kinomatic’s interface and capabilities.

Kinomatic runs on iPhone 4S and newer models, and requires iOS 7 to be installed on the device. It is available on iTunes at a regular price of $4, which has been lowered to $2 for a limited time as an introductory offer. For more, check out the Kinomatic website.

(Via The Next Web)

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