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Moka360 claims to be the world’s smallest 360 camera

There’s a new miniature 360-degree camera on the way that claims to be the world’s smallest. Called the Moka360, it is the latest project from Mokacam. It’s been successfully funded through Indiegogo, raising nearly $150,000 — well above its modest $25,000 goal.

Unlike larger, more expensive options from other manufacturers, the Moka360 tops out at 2K resolution. What it lacks in sharpness, though, it hopes to make up for in ease of use. Automatic stitching, image stabilization, a simplified control layout, and iOS and Android compatibility should go a long way to making that happen.

Of course, this isn’t the first such 360 cam with similar goals. Just six months ago, we reported on the Nico360, another crowdfunded miniature VR camera. Also billed as the world’s smallest 360 cam, it raked in nearly $350,000. Regardless of where you stand on the VR phenomenon, there appear to be plenty of people lusting after personal, portable 360 cams. At least in Hong Kong, from which both the Nico and Moka hail.

The similarities don’t end there. Both cameras feature automatic stitching, live-streaming, image stabilization, and waterproof cases. Both proudly compare themselves against the graying ancients of the 360-cam establishment: the Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta S, a competition that appears to significantly favor the newcomers.

Both are also quite affordable (assuming final versions make it to market) with the Nico360 costing $250 and the Moka360 coming in at just $200. While both claim to be the smallest, the Nico seems to have a slight edge at 46 by 46 by 28 millimeters and 96 grams, compared to 56 by 51 by 28mm and 98 grams for the Moka. So somebody’s claim is a bit off, but this is all going to change again in another six months, anyway, right?

One genuinely intriguing feature about the Moka360 is its magnetic mount. It lets you stick it anywhere (well, anywhere magnetic, that is) to achieve the same effect as having an instant tripod. Getting your camera-holding arm stuck in the shot is particularly troublesome in 360 video, so having a potential wealth of camera support options wherever you go is a nice touch.

As with all crowdfunding projects, a modicum of caution is recommended before proceeding, but if you’re champing at the bit for what may or may not be the world’s smallest 360 camera, you have two days left to back the Moka360 on Indiegogo.

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