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Lifelogging pioneer The Narrative Clip to shutter over financial troubles

Narrative Clip-CES
The Narrative Clip, one of the pioneers of the idea of lifelogging (capturing and recording your life automatically), has notified customers that due to financial problems that arose early this summer, the company has filed for a voluntary dissolution. In other words, it is closing up shop.

But hope is not all lost if you were one of those who did purchase and enjoy the lifelogging lifestyle that Narrative helped to create. The company says users need not worry about their Narrative Camera Clip becoming useless, as the firm plans to release a tool soon that will allow users to download their images from the Narrative servers before they are shut down, as well as grab media directly from their Narratives.

So you will still be able to lifelog with your Narrative Clip, but you will be on your own for the most part. The company will obviously stop selling the clips, and in addition support services will be closing as well. As a result, a Facebook Group will be your best option going forward if you run into problems with your Narrative Clip after the company’s doors close for the last time.

Back in 2012 the Narrative Clip was one of crowdfunding’s first big successful campaigns, but the idea of the clip never really caught on with the general public. There have been other lifelogging cameras and systems to launch since, but the Narrative Camera Clip was a pioneer for the lifelogging community and it is always sad to see a pioneer bite the dust.

The Narrative website is still online for those who would like to maybe put in a last minute order before things get shut down, or for those looking for more information on the closure itself.

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