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Face-swap with your favorite Netflix characters on the streets of Paris

netflix snapchat face swap posters paris house of cards promo shot
Netflix is the latest brand to inventively tie Snapchat into its promotional campaigns. Instead of simply sending out its own snaps, its asking fans of its original shows to interact with them while out and about.

A number of people in Paris have taken to social media to point out Netflix billboards popping up in random locations that encourage the use of Snapchat’s face-swap function.

The ads contain images of iconic characters from popular Netflix shows, including Frank Underwood (House of Cards), Kimmy Schmidt (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and more, reports The Drum. Additional instructions ask you to face-swap yourself onto the billboards by taking a selfie using Snapchat.

La bonne idée ?! :) #daredevil #houseofcards #oitnb

— Nicolas Garnier (@Nikoslyders) April 23, 2016

It seems like a great idea for anyone who has ever wanted to take on the guise of Machiavellian politician Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, or drug kingpin Pablo Escobar from Narcos (played by Wagner Moura). Additional posters include the protagonists from Daredevil and Orange is the New Black.


The ingenious marketing ploy is the brainchild of entertainment agency Darewin, which set up an entire Netflix experience in the French capital, including promotional sets from the originals, such as an Orange is the New Black prison-themed cafeteria.

If the overseas campaign makes you feel left out, you can just get a bit inventive from the comfort of your own home. Armed with your laptop or TV, and Snapchat, you can use the app’s face-swap function to paste your face on to the aforementioned characters while watching the shows. Additionally, with Snapchat’s new face-swap from photo library lens filter, all you need do is grab some images of your favorite Netflix characters from the web to start switching mugs to your heart’s content. Just don’t blame us if you inadvertently end up binge-watching House of Cards while you’re at it.

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