Ona launches limited-edition wanderlust-inspired camera bags

ona saltfish bowery bag 35mm credit guigo foggiatto 3

From backpacks to messengers, photographers have a number of different choices when it comes to a bag to house their gear — but bag company Ona is also introducing a way to make that bag one-of-a-kind. On Tuesday, March 6, Ona announced a limited-edition, travel-inspired bag with 100 unique designs, made in collaboration with Saltfish Surf Co.

The Ona x Saltfish camera bag features the brand’s popular Bowery bag design, but uses a different pattern on the top flap of every design. Each unique textile is woven by a family-owned mill in Oaxaca, Mexico — the same town that Saltfish sources its fabric from — and is mixed with the Bowery’s handcrafted style.

The result is a bag featuring a pattern that no other bag shares. Of course, that one-of-a-kind design means the bags are limited, with the collection expected to sell only 100 bags. The bags’ unique patterns are inspired by travel, with Ona partnering with the travel-loving surf accessory company Saltfish for the special production run.

ona saltfish bowery bag layout5 large

“ONA has been an inspiration to me for a long time now; their passion for discovery and
adventure, along with the functionality of the bags and attention to detail, is exactly on point with my own vision for Saltfish. We share the same desire to create well-made, durable bags and products for the avid adventurer,” said Saltfish Surf Co. founder Romain Goudinoux.

Bryan Mochizuki, ONA’s director of partnerships, said the partnership was inspired by Saltfish’s designs for surfboard bags. “We were first drawn to Saltfish because of how they were elevating a very utilitarian item — surfboard bags — through their beautiful designs and materials,” he said. “As we got to know Romain, we saw the opportunity to collaborate with a young company at a place we were at a few years ago: building from a local, community level, one thoughtful product at a time.”

Like the original Bowery bag, the Saltfish edition houses a camera with 1-2 extra lenses and other small items. The limited edition bags are available exclusively online, retailing for $219.