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Osmo Pocket 2 is coming this week. Here’s what it could look like

DJI’s diminutive Osmo Pocket gimbal camera generated a lot of interest when it launched in 2018.

The handheld device offered stabilized 4K video and 12-megapixel stills in a tiny package that could be fired up in just a couple of seconds.

DJI is set to pull the wraps off the second-generation Osmo Pocket on Tuesday, October 20, though various leaks claiming to show the new device have already hit the web.

Chief among them is this set of apparent product images from OsitaLV, who is known to follow such matters closely. According to the leaked content, we can expect an improved camera to land with the Osmo Pocket 2, possibly with a larger 1/2-inch sensor (the current model has a 1/2.3-inch sensor) similar to the one on DJI’s recently revamped Mavic Air 2 drone. A new digital zoom function for the Osmo Pocket 2 is also thought to be on the cards.

Upgraded camera
Zoom lenses(probably digital zoom)
Improved night shot
Wireless microphone
Portrait beautify
more compact design

— OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) October 17, 2020

Another notable change could be the introduction of a small built-in joystick to control the direction and movement of the camera, doing away with the need for customers to fork out for the optional and somewhat clunky control wheel attachment that offers subtle tilt and pan adjustments.

There are also suggestions that we could see the upgraded device hit the market as part of two separate kits, a marketing move that’s already popular with DJI. The standard kit will reportedly include the Osmo Pocket 2, case, and cables, while the pricier Pro kit offers the camera, a small tripod, a wide-angle lens adapter, wireless microphone, case, and cables.

Single set or combo, it's on you.

— OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) October 17, 2020

As with DJI’s recently launched OM 4 smartphone gimbal, we can also expect to see improved motors for smoother, more controlled motion.

The original Osmo Pocket was a hit with everyone from families to videographers, though sub-par audio and picture quality in some conditions prevented it from becoming a serious consideration for the latter as a main device. But if DJI has addressed these issues with the next iteration, the camera could certainly become a more serious proposition for vloggers who up to now may have been using the Osmo Pocket solely for b-roll footage.

As for price, we’re just going to have to wait and see. The current device costs $369, so expect around the same for the Osmo Pocket 2. All will be revealed this week.

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