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Photo FOMO: Fujifilm designs new app, Pentax gaining third-party app controls

Afraid of missing out on the latest photo industry news while you’re out, well, actually taking pictures? Photo FOMO is all the news you might have missed this week, published on the weekends. Alongside the biggest stories of the week, like Fujifilm’s instant camera with square film, Instagram’s (sort of) share option, and A.I. to fix bad lighting, find briefs on the latest in accessories and photo industry news from this week with Photo FOMO.

Fujifilm fans get a new app for insights and contests

Fujfilm is putting all its photo tips, advice, news and galleries into an easy to access format. On Tuesday, May 15, Fujifilm announced a new website and mobile app. Both and the Fujifilm X/GFX USA in Google Play and the App Store contain the same information, but package the materials in different formats.

The app and website serve as a place for photographers to stay up-to-date and creatively energized, Fujifilm says. Both contain the latest news on the X and GFX camera series, along with upcoming events, articles, a gear finder and a tool to find the nearest Fujifilm dealer. The platform will also run regular contests sweepstakes and promotions, the company says.

“We are excited to launch a platform that displays the image quality and creative possibilities of the GFX system and X Series line of digital cameras,” Yuji Igarashi, general manager for the imaging and optics division for Fujifilm North America, said. “It’s basically a go-to website and app offering a range of resources, for all Fujifilm photographers.”

Ricoh opens the door for third-party apps for Pentax cameras

Pentax cameras, including DSLRs and the company’s medium format camera, could soon be controlled by third-party apps. This week, the company launched the Ricoh Camera SDK, code that allows developers to build their own app with access to the camera’s controls.

The SDK makes it easier for companies to develop apps while still accessing the camera’s features. With that ease of access, Pentax photographers could soon have options for controlling the camera remotely without using the Pentax app.

Snapchat Spectacles could expand beyond the circular format

Snapchat calls itself a camera company, but the company’s camera glasses shoot in a circular format. That could change, however, as the company recently confirmed a test that would also allow Spectacles to export a 16:9 video instead. Another option inside the test allows for exporting the same circular format, but with a black border.

The test comes shortly after the company launched Spectacles v2, a waterproof version that also takes still photos along with video.

GIFs are about to get immersive with Gfycat’s new format

Gfycat is jumping aboard the 360 trend. The company recently announced the rollout of a new 360 format. The videos aren’t exactly traditional GIFs, but loop brief videos much like the GIFs we all know and (sometimes) love. While shorter than a typical 360 video, the format supports the same mouse and smartphone controls to change the view as the longer format. Paramount is the first to experiment with the new format using promotional content for the Mission: Impossible films.

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