Snap tries again — Snapchat Spectacles 2 are here for $150

Snap's Spectacles 2 can take stills and don't mind the rain

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They’re here. On Thursday, April 26, Snap showed off an updated version of its Spectacles, and they’ll set you back $150. The second-generation camera-equipped sunglasses were previously confirmed by Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel in an interview with Wired, and now, we know that the wearables are able to take still images and are water-resistant. They’re available to order now through Snap’s website.

Rumors of Spectacles 2 have spread for some time, but it was never certain the product would be released, given the massive volume of unsold pairs of original Spectacles the company was rumored to have hidden away. However, this new model may prove more popular among customers. The second generation eyewear is thinner than its predecessor and generally sleeker. There’s no more yellow ring wrapping around the camera lens on the Spectacles, and rather than solid colored arms, the sides of the Spectacles fade to a clear finish.

You can buy the Spectacles 2 in three colors: onyx, ruby, and sapphire. Previously, the variants were black, teal, and coral.

In addition to still photography support and water resistance, these new wearables also feature two microphones, which should help up the ante on audio quality for far-field voices, and should also aid in canceling out extraneous noise. Plus, there’s a new Wi-Fi chip so that you can easily move content to your companion Snapchat app. Photos and videos, in fact, will automatically be imported in HD over Wi-Fi, and overall, image quality should improve as well, given that this new model has 25 percent more pixels in its camera sensor.

Nothing has really changed in terms of battery life, so you can still capture around a week’s worth of content, or about 70 videos and up to 280 (or so) photos. The new charging case can provide up to four charges for the wearable, and if you wear glasses, Snap is also giving you the chance to buy prescription lenses for the Spectacles thanks to a new partnership with lens seller Lensabl.

Spectacles are developed separately from the Snapchat app, allowing the two to evolve without interference. The eventual plan is for the two to meet, with Spiegel saying that, “Over the next decade or so, the way these pieces fit together will probably be what defines our company.” He’s conscious of augmented reality’s limited success elsewhere, and says hardware restrictions — batteries, screens, and design — hold it back.

Previous rumors suggested that Snap was developing two new versions of Spectacles. The first pair were said to be a slight improvement over the first-generation model, with a performance boost, added water resistance, and a choice of new colors (and that seems to be what we have now). However, another pair was rumored to be yet more desirable.

Those Spectacles, which have yet to come to fruition, were said to have dual cameras with depth-sensing technology, GPS, a new design, and be made out of aluminum rather than plastic. We’ll just have to see if that even further improved version ever makes its debut.

Updated on April 26: The Spectacles 2 have arrived